How to Land Your Husband

How to Land Your Husband: An easy to follow guide

This simple to use and fun guide will help you navigate the wilds of the single jungle and get you ready to meet your long-term relationship partner in no time! Just follow these simple steps[1] and voila! You’re well on your way to fulfilling your goal of being married.

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Shopping the Anthropologie Gift Guide

Ah, the holiday shopping season’s last minute craze has officially begun. Stores are emailing you every hour about last minute sales and new inventory additions. Facebook is a virtual shopping circulator with all the ads that are popping up and following you from your recent Google searches.

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Quick, Tie Something Around Your Neck!

So, at the late date of January 15th, the Neckline Trend of The Year is here!!! Now, I’m all for discovering trends and wearing them repeatedly until someone hits me over the head with a bat. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy that? **crickets**

It’s easy to see how this trend has garnered such attention so quickly. It was just this past Sunday night that several leading ladies wore amazing halter neck dresses on the red carpet.


Now, unlike these gorgeous ladies who attended the Golden Globes, I live on the east coast, in Maryland. Today it was 37 degrees outside when I left my house. If I wanted to wear a lovely halter neck dress, I would have had to hide it under several layers. So what’s a girl to do if she wants to get a good seat near a window on the bandwagon? 

Well, first things first. Material choice is key. Look for a heavier grade of cotton or wool. Second, don’t be afraid to pair your halter dress with a turtle neck or top it with a wrap shirt. And lastly, for dressier occasions, tights and cashmere shawls or scarves are always a chic solution. Even a fun bolero or shrunken tuxedo jacket can add warmth and style to halter dress in the dead of February. 

Jane Norman dress, $41
Zara dress, $20
Ark & Co. $49
Ark & Co. $55
L’Wren Scott, $1,066
Alexon Black, $145
Toast Cashmere wrap, $170



10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2014 RTW

This is the sort of collection that features clothes that I imagine Fashion Editors wear. Kind of avant garde and minimalist, yet trendy. There’s a futuristic vibe to this collection. Or maybe I’m full of shit and I have no idea what I’m talking about cause I’ve been looking at fashion shows ALL DAY LONG.

I mean, it’s nice.


Robert Rodriguez Spring 2014 RTW

What’s not to love about Robert Rodriguez? He makes women look hot and sexy. I don’t think anything else needs to be said. This collection had a futuristic look with a lot of hard angles, exaggerated silhouettes, and minimal color. It’s not the most vibrant Spring collection, but it doesn’t have to be.


Style Inspiration: Bold Lips

Something about the summer brings out the extrovert in all of us. Is it the hotter temperatures that brings out our inner exhibitionist? All of a sudden sweet and innocent Mary Sue is trading in her cotton chinos and slipping into a sheer crop top with high waisted shorts. No one saw it coming. Take a look down the street. Skirts get shorter. Tops quickly move through the phases of opaque to sheer. Walk through a local boutique and you’ll notice that every dress or shirt is backless, with cut outs on each side. Now, while I do enjoy a nice backless dress/shirt as much as the next gal, it can be a little intimidating to go from zero to naked. However, you don’t have to sit the summer out and hide your inner, bolder, you. Take a walk down the nearest drug store make-up aisle and you’ll see another summer trend-bold lip colors.  It’s an affordable way to shake up your normal, everyday look.  Bonus: you can wear this look to work and save your cropped tops and flowy mini skirts for that weekend festival.