That time Apartment Therapy published my house tour…

Third time’s a charm! I finally got to show off my decorating skills with a house tour on Apartment Therapy. The fact that it happened with my house that I was able to purchase is icing on the cake. This tour is only a small fraction of the changes I was able to make to take it from the listing to my HOME.

Next up: the backyard!

Am I next?

I almost didn’t go on my walk this morning. But, my body needed to be outside. I wanted to walk around my neighborhood and remind myself that I live in a good place. A place with neighbors who organized a solidarity demonstration this afternoon. As I stood amongst them, I felt as if I was surrounded by love. It was beautiful and a much needed regeneration after this mentally draining week. However, that feeling was stripped bare when I got home and saw what was posted on the Citizen app about our peaceful protest. Throughout the time we were standing along Harford road, three police officers stood nearby, watching us. The police helicopter circled around above us, multiple times, putting our tax dollars to good use. Our group of maybe 50 Hamilton-Lauraville residents, armed with our handmade signs, face masks, and a desire for a more just country was being closely monitored. Luckily for us, the cops deemed our protest acceptable. A lot of white people like quoting MLK, Jr., admonishing black people for their manner of protest. Yet, it seems they forgot how many times those peaceful protests led to water hoses, police batons raining down on black bodies, vicious dogs being sicced on marchers, and churches being firebombed. It can be hard to keep up with the ever-moving goalposts of what is deemed acceptable and what is not. Do I condone burning down businesses? No. But had I just witnessed my brother cry out for our mother, pleading with his last breath that he was dying and he couldn’t breathe because a cop thought kneeling on a handcuffed man was appropriate and his three fellow officers deemed that acceptable….I would be a walking tower of rage. I would ignite fires everywhere I needed to in order to get people’s attention so that justice could be served. This image contains an incomplete list of black people who have been murdered by the police. At the bottom is just enough space for another name. My name just happens to fit perfectly there. So does my brother’s. I hope it doesn’t take my dead body for some of you to stop being complicit and start being anti-racist. But maybe it will.  #SAYTHEIRNAMES #BLACKLIVESMATTER

I Should’ve Been A Socialite

I remember the first time I saw the title “Socialite” used to describe a person. I was thumbing through an issue of Vogue magazine and there it was, in a caption under the photo of an immaculately dressed woman. Where did I go wrong? How did I end up not being photographed at a swanky event, wearing the latest designer duds, sipping champagne? What left turn did I make when I should’ve gone right? The world may never know….

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God Bless Tom Ford

Today marked the start of New York Fashion Week! Another year where I am sitting in my office scrolling through the images on my work desktop. Another year where I am bracing for the unattainable and undesirable. And yet. Here is Tom Ford with his Spring 2019 collection that makes me yearn for fall, cool crisp air, and a city street block to walk upon.

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Trend Alert: Vintage Glam

Just as spring frolicks into summer, the vintage vibe gets amped up to 100!

This is the perfect time of year to dust off the cigarette ankle pants, sexy mule heels, and that off shoulder ruffle blouse. Fix yourself a gin and tonic and read a trashy romance novel in the poolside cabana. 

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All the babes at Cannes

Oh hey there! Long time, no write. Or is it long time, no type? Either way, it’s been a cool minute since I last clicked the clacking keyboard and poured out my brain to you diligent followers. My apologies!

Let’s see, since I last blogged, I have started a job search, started an apartment search, held multiple showings at my old lovely apartment, found a new apartment, moved, and held a housewarming party.

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We’re all going to die, so let’s go shopping!

It’s that time of year folks – time to shop the Anthropologie Gift Guide!

In this ever depressing political climate, isn’t it nice to know that we can always depend on Anthropologie to provide us with unrealistic gifts that we can spend our hard earned money on? I mean, the buyers at Anthropologie are truly doing God’s work.

Let’s stay blessed and dive in, shall we?

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