Be on Trend- Give Your Mom a Succulent Planter for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has totally snuck up on me. I know, it’s this Sunday so technically there’s still time for a last minute gift. However, I am more of a two weeks out planner, but I was just now able to get the materials for this succulent planter. I honestly don’t even know if my mom… Continue reading Be on Trend- Give Your Mom a Succulent Planter for Mother’s Day


How to Land Your Husband

How to Land Your Husband: An easy to follow guide This simple to use and fun guide will help you navigate the wilds of the single jungle and get you ready to meet your long-term relationship partner in no time! Just follow these simple steps[1] and voila! You’re well on your way to fulfilling your… Continue reading How to Land Your Husband

Runway Show Reviews

What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition

Zac Posen Former angsty teen-queen turned respectable art gallery owner. Models her grandmother’s fur coat in the bedroom mirror at night.   Jenny Peckham Newly minted “It girl” with a trust fund money to burn. Movie premiere, book signing, brunch, repeat.   Polo Ralph Lauren Middle America transplant exploring the Big City. Loves her beer… Continue reading What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition


Shopping the Anthropologie Gift Guide

Ah, the holiday shopping season’s last minute craze has officially begun. Stores are emailing you every hour about last minute sales and new inventory additions. Facebook is a virtual shopping circulator with all the ads that are popping up and following you from your recent Google searches. Alas, Anthropologie is here to help you. What?… Continue reading Shopping the Anthropologie Gift Guide


5 Things I Saw On Pinterest That I Don’t Understand

Popsicle Stick Bracelets Pinterest is full of crafty crap like this. Time suck crafts that never turn out looking like the image and bring your self-esteem down. By the time you calculated all the popsicle sticks you’re going to have to buy, time spent going through the steps, and paint only to finally get one… Continue reading 5 Things I Saw On Pinterest That I Don’t Understand

Runway Show Reviews

Give Me Temperley or Give Me Death….Actually, just Temperley will be Fine

Looking over Temperley London’s Spring 2016 RTW collection just makes me want to grab a paper fan, drop some more ice cubes in my mojito, and lean back. Is that a large mosquito? Super-sized tarantula? Meh, I’ve got better things on my mind. Like this fantastically embroidered wrap dress.