Style Inspiration: Bold Lips

Something about the summer brings out the extrovert in all of us. Is it the hotter temperatures that brings out our inner exhibitionist? All of a sudden sweet and innocent Mary Sue is trading in her cotton chinos and slipping into a sheer crop top with high waisted shorts. No one saw it coming. Take a look down the street. Skirts get shorter. Tops quickly move through the phases of opaque to sheer. Walk through a local boutique and you’ll notice that every dress or shirt is backless, with cut outs on each side. Now, while I do enjoy a nice backless dress/shirt as much as the next gal, it can be a little intimidating to go from zero to naked. However, you don’t have to sit the summer out and hide your inner, bolder, you. Take a walk down the nearest drug store make-up aisle and you’ll see another summer trend-bold lip colors.  It’s an affordable way to shake up your normal, everyday look.  Bonus: you can wear this look to work and save your cropped tops and flowy mini skirts for that weekend festival.

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