Hot Colors for Spring 2014

So, after sifting through all the images of New York Fashion Week (NYFW -which I spent 2 days misinterpreting as NSFW), I have seen some fairly pronounced trends:

Bight colors- specifically coral, fuchsia, purple
Metallic Nudes
Floral motifs

Nowhere is this proliferation of trends more evident than in Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2014 RTW collection. Here are my favorites from her delicately, dazzling, divine collection:


Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2014 RTW

Stunning. All Bond girl, all sex, all the time. And that purple jumpsuit? I swear, I will find a way to find it, fit in it, and wear it. So very well done ladies! Let’s bring in for the slow clap.

Actually, please don’t do that. Just like Terrance Howard, slow claps infuriate me.


Rachel Roy Spring 2014 RTW

I thought this collection was okay. The jumpsuits were nice. There were a lot of separates that I liked. The tops and jackets mainly. And even though I’m not brave enough to wear a honey mustard yellow pants suit, it looks fabulous.


Gregory Parkinson Spring 2014 RTW

Part flower child, part 90’s Liv Tyler, this collection pulls together knits, lace, and floral motifs like no other. There’s something very pure and refreshing about it. The white lace top paired with the floral shorts is my favorite. It’s simple, clean, and elegant.


Jason Wu Spring 2014 RTW

Jason Wu knows how to make a lady look good. This collection creates a look that has a tough exterior , yet it’s made with soft, shimmery fabrics. Kind of reminds me of Angelina Jolie pre-Brad Pitt and kids.


Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014 RTW

Sexy √
Lace √
Form fitting silhouettes √
Demure √
Lady-like √

I don’t think I need to say anything else. This collection of gorgeous dresses will make anyone feel like they belong in their own romantic film.


Kate Spade Spring 2014 RTW

Have you ever seen the classic Funny Face? It’s a great movie. Perfect for a girl’s night in or a Friday night when you don’t feel like getting primped and proper for a night on the town. Anyway, this collections screams Funny Face to me. Audrey Hepburn reinvented for the millennium. She’s quirky, smart, funny, and obviously still very, very stylish.


Tanya Taylor Spring 2014 RTW

When I first looked at this collection I had the strongest desire for a  piece of Fruitstripe gum. The stripes and colors just made my mouth start watering. Pavlov knew his stuff. That unnecessary information aside, I liked this collection and it’s kinda sorta preppy vibe. I see, much to my dismay, crop tops aren’t going anywhere.


Tia Cibani Spring 2014 TW

Hands down, my favorite new designer. Have you seen her Fall 2013 collection? It’s all dark heroine and lady in distress with finger waves. I love it and I love this. There’s not one thing I wouldn’t wear in this Spring collection. Not. One. Thing.


Veronica Beard Spring 2014 RTW

If you’ve been following me along as I bring to you the Spring collections, you might be wondering,  where is the hip collection? Where’s the collection that features the pieces that the  Chloe Sevignys of the world would wear? Well, ye of little faith! I haven’t let you down yet and I don’t plan to any time soon. Here is Veronica Beard’s Spring collection and it’s chock full of hot to trot pieces and killer hip outfits (hello, yellow moto jacket pantsuit!) that are just dying to be worn while strutting down the boulevard.