Trend Alert: Bohemian Lux

I recently decided to start creating moodboards. It’s a relaxing project for me to do in my down time and I am able to satisfy my desire to decorate and redecorate without having to spend any money. That’s always a plus!  Continue reading “Trend Alert: Bohemian Lux”

New Digs, Who Dis?

Don’t ever let someone tell you that moving is easy. People who say things like that are called liars. This is not an alternative fact. Moving is tough and every little thing involved with moving is annoying and frustrating. There is not one redeemable moment in the entire process.  After months of scouring Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist (*shudder*), we finally found a place that was perfect. Unbeknownst to us, that was the easy part. After settling on the two bedroom/two bathroom apartment, a mere 5 minutes from my previous apartment, we patted ourselves on the back and then realized we’d be moving in January.  Continue reading “New Digs, Who Dis?”

Shopping the Anthropologie Gift Guide

Ah, the holiday shopping season’s last minute craze has officially begun. Stores are emailing you every hour about last minute sales and new inventory additions. Facebook is a virtual shopping circulator with all the ads that are popping up and following you from your recent Google searches. Continue reading “Shopping the Anthropologie Gift Guide”

Just do it?

So recently there was this Times cover and corresponding article that talked about how more and more couples are delaying having kids in favor of –shocker- just being a married couple. Now, I can’t tell you everything that was said in this article, mainly because I don’t subscribe to Time magazine and I have yet to make myself venture over to the business/news section of the magazine rack. The fashion glossies are just too darn distracting. However, I do appreciate Time taking the time to broach this subject. I can see myself as part of this young couple on the cover-sans the matching swimsuits. My future husband and I, living life, being content to just be with each other. I think I would be fine with that, because honestly my clock is not ticking. At. All. It may be broken?

As a 29 year old female, I have recently been plagued with questions and concerns regarding my reproductive aspirations/goals/desires/wants. People (read: men) seem fascinated that I am not in the least bit crumbling in agony over the depleting state of my egg count. How can I be so calm? What will you do when you’re old and alone? Think about the children!! Will you not think about the children?!?!? Geesh people! Calm yourselves. I will be just fine in my fabulous, old age. I know it may be shocking (!) but not every girl/woman/lady/female is just twiddling her thumbs, bidding her time until she can reproduce. I used to think I wanted a house full of kids. Then I realized how much they cost as compared to say, birth control. I trimmed back some on the final number of kiddies I somewhat desired. I began to think two would suffice. Maybe a boy and a girl. Maybe two boys. Who knows? Twins run in my family on my father’s side- he was a twin and then his mother had two more twin boys- so it could happen to me too. But honestly, the older I get, the more I don’t care. I am not opposed to kids, I am indifferent. I have friends who are shining examples of domestic bliss. They have it all: careers, houses, spouses, and offspring. But I don’t envy them or ruefully wish it were me instead. I am thrilled for them. I love the showers and cakes and happy moments that you get to partake in when your friends reproduce. Besides, I have my own ambitions. Everything that I want to accomplish in life, currently has nothing to do with babyGap.

I have other plans, dammit. I have goals and dreams, and …..oh, shoes!

Pomegranate Margarita

What do you get when you mix two of my favorite things: pomegranate juice and tequila? A good ass margarita, that’s what. Introducing your next afternoon delight.

What you need:
1 3/4 cups chilled pomegranate juice
Kosher salt
1 1/2 cups silver tequila
1 cup triple sec
2/3 cup fresh lime juice
Ice cubes
lime wheels, for garnish

What you do:
Rim glass with Kosher salt and mix pomegranate juice, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice together in a pitcher. Stir in ice and pour in your glass.


You’re welcome.


I have a problem. I have always had this problem.  My problem is that when I get a craving I will stop at nothing until I fulfill that craving. What do I crave? Well my friend, what I don’t crave would be the more succinct answer. On any given day I could desire a piece of red velvet cake, a cocktail made of elderflower liqueur and white wine, or pizza with tomatoes, spinach, and grilled chicken.   Yesterday I happened to be craving blueberry pie. Blueberry Crumble Pie to be precise.  So, after watching the last few episodes of The Tudors, I decided to pull myself out of my funk by baking. Baking cures a multitude of ailments: common cold, extreme fatigue, fever, and syphilis. Actually, I’m not sure about the legitimacy of any of the previous sentence. You should probably take something for those types of issues. Especially the syphilis. But, I bet if you ate a piece of freshly baked pound cake with crème anglaise and strawberries you would feel terrific! So…weigh the pros and cons before making any rash decisions.

The recipe I used for the Blueberry Crumble is from Martha Stewart’s website and you can find it here. It is super easy to whip up and what you get in return is truly amazing. I paired my slice of pie with some pistachio gelato and made some fresh coffee in my French press. Talk about an afternoon delight.

blueberry crumble

I had to make coffee to drink with this deliciousness. A nice dark roast should be robust enough to counter the sweetness in the blueberry crumble and pistachio gelato….

total package


Pie and ice cream