Elie Saab Spring 2017 Couture

With the Oscars right around the corner, it seems fitting that we explore the lovely gowns gracing the catwalks. Royal blue. Gilded crown gold. The collection’s sleek silhouettes, prim hemlines, and satiny textures is very Jackie O. meets Cleopatra. One can only hope someone, somewhere graces the red carpet with one of these lovely ensembles. Continue reading “Elie Saab Spring 2017 Couture”


What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition

Zac Posen

Former angsty teen-queen turned respectable art gallery owner. Models her grandmother’s fur coat in the bedroom mirror at night. Continue reading “What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition”

Give Me Temperley or Give Me Death….Actually, just Temperley will be Fine

Looking over Temperley London’s Spring 2016 RTW collection just makes me want to grab a paper fan, drop some more ice cubes in my mojito, and lean back.  Continue reading “Give Me Temperley or Give Me Death….Actually, just Temperley will be Fine”

So, I Guess the Lauren Conrad Collection is Okay?

Say what you want about Lauren Conrad (she’s basic, she’s boring, she’s bland), but the chick has one serious business head on her shoulders. She has parlayed a reality tv show part into a mini empire that includes, books, clothes, accessories, and more. Continue reading “So, I Guess the Lauren Conrad Collection is Okay?”

Zac by Zac Posen – Spring 15 RTW

It’s as if Zac Posen thought to himself, “Hmmmm, how would Makea dress if she had her dream life?” , and then proceeded to design this collection. The Spring 2015 RTW Zac collection is lovely and understated in the best way. With bright separates that are emboldened by geometric prints and watercolors, this collection embodies the springtime’s promise of freshness. The sharp separates are the ultimate in downtown girl chic. I would happily wear it all. I’d be the best-dressed lady in line at Target. Hands. Down.

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J.Crew and the Tale of the Sundrenched Culottes

Spring is often a time of fresh flowers, rain showers, bad movies, and ill-fated online dates. What’s not to love? There’s never a shortage of well meaning friends who want you to “get back out there” and “meet your destiny”. Well, this time around, you’ll be ready for them. Debuting their best attempt at making you just about as undateable as possible, J.Crew presented their Spring 2015 Ready to Wear collection in all its washed out glory. Culottes, boxy jackets in tea stained whites, oatmeal brown separates, and varying shades of denim make up this collection that is half fashionable half EH. 

Boxy jackets are a hard look to pull off and rarely do you see it anywhere south of Manhattan. And the culottes, well, they’re in full force. I am not completely opposed to culottes, I just wish they weren’t so persistent in their existence. Per say. That being said, I love the stripes and maritime elements that popped up here and there in the collection. Everyone (yea, everyone) seems to equate springtime with sailing and boats. What is it with preppy people and boats?


Let Your Inner Angsty Teen Shine

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks knows that fashion’s fickle cycle has circled back to the brooding days of yore. Gone are the extravagant neon colors and prints so peppy you just want to smack them. Replacing them is the reserved, more contemplative wallflower. In all it’s existential life questioning glory.

And even better, it’s just in time for fall. 

Look at poor Kate Moss. She’s so lost and troubled, she can’t even find her pants. And all of her friends are pained just by the sheer magnitude of this tragedy.

Despite the sweltering heat of the past few days, fall is right around the corner and with it comes crisp mornings and chilly nights. What better way to outwardly exhibit your inner desolation than a muted burgundy sweater dress, paired with black tights and boots. Your words will pale in comparison to your hunter green plaid shift dress. Is that a beret on your head? Oh, you’re so tragic nostalgic.

The nineties called. They want you to stop calling. 

Photos: Ralph Lauren Polo for Women

Snow Showers with a Chance for Spring

I, for one, am so ready for Spring. I love Winter and cold weather and snow. But, a girl can only take so much. I need to break free of my heavy layers and step out in open toe sandals. Along with the changing season comes the chance to finally wear the trends that we saw on the runway back in September! 

Now, Spring can be tricky fashion wise. It often still too brisk to go full bare legged, but the sunny days and fresh air beg you to set your legs free from heavy trousers and leather boots. The solution? Mui Mui. 

Mui Mui Spring 2014 ready to wear is the perfect combination of pretty spring prints and chic layers that will help transition from the chilliest of days to the warm, spring nights.