J.Crew and the Tale of the Sundrenched Culottes

Spring is often a time of fresh flowers, rain showers, bad movies, and ill-fated online dates. What’s not to love? There’s never a shortage of well meaning friends who want you to “get back out there” and “meet your destiny”. Well, this time around, you’ll be ready for them. Debuting their best attempt at making you just about as undateable as possible, J.Crew presented their Spring 2015 Ready to Wear collection in all its washed out glory. Culottes, boxy jackets in tea stained whites, oatmeal brown separates, and varying shades of denim make up this collection that is half fashionable half EH. 

Boxy jackets are a hard look to pull off and rarely do you see it anywhere south of Manhattan. And the culottes, well, they’re in full force. I am not completely opposed to culottes, I just wish they weren’t so persistent in their existence. Per say. That being said, I love the stripes and maritime elements that popped up here and there in the collection. Everyone (yea, everyone) seems to equate springtime with sailing and boats. What is it with preppy people and boats?


Snow Showers with a Chance for Spring

I, for one, am so ready for Spring. I love Winter and cold weather and snow. But, a girl can only take so much. I need to break free of my heavy layers and step out in open toe sandals. Along with the changing season comes the chance to finally wear the trends that we saw on the runway back in September! 

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Herve Leger – Fall 2014 RTW

Max Azria loves a good bandage dress. Honestly, who doesn’t? This Fall collection presents a slightly updated bandage dress (more straightjacket and fringey) along with some lovely cut out dresses, asymmetrical necklines, studded gowns, and black swan like feathered jackets and cloaks. I loved the darkness and street-chicness of it all. Now, everybody head over to my Kickstarter page and give me money so I can be one of the cool kids! 


DKNY – Fall 2014 RTW

Oh, the street tough kiddos have grown up, got good jobs, and decided to wear flame retardant clothing in a fashionable way. Or, it’s Donna Karan’s Fall collection or something. Things are looking bleak and cold in the not too distant future of grim, sweat, and tears. 


Temperley London Pre-Fall 2014

Temperley London has been one of my favorite labels since before I can remember. I’ve always loved the designs. I have yet to purchase an item from the label- but ever the optimist- I am fully confident that I will be able to not only afford to buy a Temperley London item, but also have such an occasion to wear said item to.

I know it will happen.

How much do you suppose this entire collection costs? How much do you think I can get for 2005 Jeep Liberty? Think it’ll cover it?

Le sigh

Yea, me neither.

VINCE Holiday 2013

It is officially Holiday season. You know this because every store you walk into now has a Christmas tree up, wreaths on the doors and windows, and there’s a faint trace of sugar cookies lingering in the air. So, now that you’ve finished the last dregs of the Halloween candy, it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving, Hannakah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. The important questions that need to be answered start to arise: a)What will you wear to your best friend’s party after work? b)What sweater will best disguise the after dinner pooch you’ll definitely have after chowing down on Aunt Bertha’s cranberry-apple- sausage stuffing? c)Will everyone be offended if you just knock back a few hours of sleep in the guest room after you exchange presents? d)Did your boyfriend really just ask if he can show up at your parent’s house in cargo pants and a hoodie for Thanksgiving dinner?

No worries, I got all the answers you’ll need:

a) Wear something flirty and sassy. I’d head over to Alice & Olivia for a nice festive frock.

b) Look for something with ruching

c) No one should care if you sneak out to sleep off the present opening hangover you’ve occurred.

d) Introduce your boyfriend to my dear friend VINCE:


Trust me, your boyfriend will thank you later. Preventing your mother from making a passive aggressive comment about his lack of appropriate attire, yet plethora of college basketball sweatshirts, will keep the your world from spinning off its axis. 

Photos: Vince.com

VINCE Resort 2013

Every year about this time, department stores and high end boutiques start slowly shuffling their winter parkas, peacoats, and cashmere scarves towards the stock room. But it’s mid November, what’s the rush? There hasn’t even been an actual snowfall yet. Well my friends, the Resort season is in full swing. Resort season? What’s that? 

Glad you asked:

ImageYou see, this time of year, all the rich and privileged pack up their specialty luggage, filled with their designer duds, and make a beeline to the nearest international airport. With destinations such as the Cayman Islands, Capri, and St. Bart’s, you don’t really need that Kenneth Cole cashmere scarf and glove set. What you may need is body hugging dress you can shimmy in on the dance floor. Or, depending on your destination and length of your vacation, you may need something a little more practical. And by destination, I mean your couch. And by vacation, I mean the personal day you take because you’re sick of hearing your coworker cry over her breakup. And by practical I mean something you can wear while watching repeats of Luther, Sherlock, and Hyde on Netflix. For all these reasons- and so much more- VINCE has supplied the perfect Resort collection for you. And me. Because everything is not about you. 



Photos: Vince.com


Menswear Trends for Spring 2014

During the Spring, there are many trends that always repeat: brighter colors, lighter fabrics, looser more relaxed fits, and pastels. These trends cross the gender lines. Spring just makes people want to be brighter, lighter, and more carefree and clothing is often used to relate that feeling.

For Spring 2014, the designers pretty much agreed on the standard trends and added a few extra; such as foliage, different layering techniques, and the color white. I know, I know, it’s only October, but it’s never to early to start looking ahead for the next fashion season.

Photos: Style.com