I Should’ve Been A Socialite

I remember the first time I saw the title “Socialite” used to describe a person. I was thumbing through an issue of Vogue magazine and there it was, in a caption under the photo of an immaculately dressed woman. Where did I go wrong? How did I end up not being photographed at a swanky event, wearing the latest designer duds, sipping champagne? What left turn did I make when I should’ve gone right? The world may never know….

But, that’s what daydreams are for, right? When I’m zoning out at work, trying to figure out a new way to market the bookstore’s latest sweatshirt, I allow myself this fantasy of being invited to a gala and taking photos with members of the c-list.

The first time I heard of the label Cushnie was through a game I play called Covet Fashion. I started playing this game the year it came out, in 2013. If you’ve never played this game, the gist is you dress up your avatar to attend various events. In order to enter your outfit, you must have enough tickets to enter the event. You can earn tickets by voting on other player’s outfits. It’s a great game that allows me the ability to pretend I am living out my socialite fantasy.

But, this isn’t about my lost dream of being a socialite. It’s not even about the game Covet Fashion. This is about Cushnie’s NYFW show and how I am desperate to have every last piece of clothing that graced the runway. IF I had lived up to my childhood dream of being a socialite, these are the only clothes I’d wear.

I have no favorites. I want it all. There are big hoops, bold lips, and satin turbans. What more do you fucking want? Carly Cushnie, please be my friend!