What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition

Zac Posen

Former angsty teen-queen turned respectable art gallery owner. Models her grandmother’s fur coat in the bedroom mirror at night.

Jenny Peckham

Newly minted “It girl” with a trust fund money to burn. Movie premiere, book signing, brunch, repeat.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Middle America transplant exploring the Big City. Loves her beer light and her steak medium rare.

Lela Rose

Editorial assistant with dreams of that big corner office and “EIC” on the doorplate. Keeps a spare set of 5inch heels in her desk drawer.

Temperley London

Liberal Arts major, recently returning from her year abroad, working in entertainment as a publicist. Spends her nights at cocktail parties and her mornings wishing she didn’t have to.


Newly released boarding school attendee, making her mark in the Ivy school of her choosing. Mum’s a socialite, Pa’s a State Governor.

Images via Vogue.com

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