What Would You Wear? Fall 2016 RTW Edition

Zac Posen

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Spring Trend- Stripes and Florals

Spring Trend- Stripes and Florals

Met Gala Or Bust

This year’s Met Gala was once again the best example of what not to wear to your friend’s wedding. The theme of “white tie and decorations” (seriously, who thinks up this shit?) was across the board, relatively easy to follow. The men really seemed to jump on the band wagon with the “white tie” aspect of the theme. And of course the women- oh the women– were decorated to the nines. It was a grand spectacle of extravagance and overflowing discretionary bank accounts.

Conscience Coupling 

couples 5

couples 6 couples1 couples2 couples3 couples4

Designer Dates


designerdates2 designerdates1

Middle of the Road

Middle of the Road

I love a good midi length dress. I do not love the midi length beaded fishnet Kristen Stewart is wearing.

Ancient History

Greek Tragedy

I just want to throw these ladies a shield, sword, and goblet of liquid gold. Maybe they will join forces and become a super group.

Crop Tops and Cut Outs

Crop topscut out

I am determined to find the appropriate crop top/skirt combination for myself to wear in my ordinary life. It will happen….one day.

Laugh-y Taffeta


This is where all of your bridesmaid and prom dresses aspire to be, yet none ever measure up.

Black White and Hot All Over


These two had major red carpet mojo working. SJP looks like a princess. A smiling, gloved princess. Anna K just look sexy as hell.


Between Charlize and Cara, black and white has never looked so good.

Lil Bo Peep Stunt Doubles

Bo Peep

I love Chloe’s look. I really do. Lil Bo Peep just popped in my head for some reason. Naomi looks okay, by Lily and Anna confuse me. I think I am missing the point.

Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Elizabeth Olsen looks fantastic and those shoes need to immediately be made into a cheaper/more affordable version that I can purchase at my local TJ Maxx. Lena, no.

The Strangers (ie, I didn’t read the invitation)

Strangers2 The Strangers

Valley of the Deep Vs


Deep Vs and high slits should not be on the same dress. It’s just too much.

Plunging 2

Olivia looks fantastic and I am strangely loving Maggie’s look. Something about the combination of her hair color and complexion with the dress pattern works for me.



Liquid Slink



The Bigger The Better


Oh look, it’s Cinderella!

thebiggerthebetter2 thebiggerthebetter1

Applique Queens


Asymmetrical Dreams
Asymetrical Dreams
Best Dressed of the night (aka Hollywood’s Ken and Barbie)

Best Dressed Couple

Blake Lively looks like a modern day Veronica Lake. I love every last bit of this look on her. And Ryan Reynolds is definitely working the double Ds-that’s short for “Dashing Debonair”.

Call of the Wild

This elegant, yet simple shirt dress can be dressed down for work and then spiced up for a night out on the town. Swap your wedges for strappy heels, shoulder bag for patterned clutch, and switch out your everyday jewelry for a more adventurous, statement necklace and earrings, and you’re ready to get wild!
Call of the Wild


There’s so many ways to incorporate the Little White Dress (LWD) into your wardrobe. From business meeting, to after work drinks, to Sunday brunch, you’ll never run out of places to wear your LWD. In fact, you may want to grab a few in order to cover all your bases. Just saying.

We’re More Than What We Wear

As a lover of fashion, I never even considered downplaying my affection for getting dressed. It’s honestly my favorite part of the day. Although, it often starts the night before. I check the weather forecast the night before and think about my schedule for the upcoming day. Then, I consider my mood and who I want to be that day. It’s almost as if I’m playing a character. Sometimes I want to be a 1950’s Rockabilly girl. Other times I want to be a 1960’s socialite vacationing in Italy. I use my style to convey the many facets of my personality. It honestly never occurred to me that I should hide my enthusiasm for fashion. But, that’s exactly what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie felt she had to do in order to be taken seriously as a writer.


In an Elle article, Chimamanda talks about how she finally let go of her fear of not being taken seriously and decided to wear the clothes that she wanted to wear. We, as women, are often so focused on being taken seriously that we try to fit into whatever prescribed mold is available to us. I think it’s about time we stop letting other people’s perception of how we should dress or act influence who we are. My work should be able to stand on its own. Meanwhile, I’ll be standing in my peep toe pumps and pencil skirt.

Read the entire Elle article here.

*photo credit Elle.com

Pattern Remix

Spring is all about rebirth and renewed energy. What better way to exhibit this feeling of freshness and new found focus, that to spice it up by mixing some of your favorite patterns? I love the combination of floral prints and stripes. But if polka dots and paisley are your thing, then by all means go for it!
Spring Trends- Pattern Mix

Domesticated Bliss

As I am moving into the next age-range box, I am thrilled to begin this new phase  in my very own apartment. Every happening, confident, adventurous lady needs a space of her own. And finally, I have mine. It’s a mix of vintage inspired pieces and traditional classics.

Push Skate Push

Push Skate Push