Viva Vivienne!

I’ve never been a super big fan of Vivienne Westwood’s collections. I could maybe find a few items here and there that I thought were pretty cool. But, low and behold…

The Spring 2016 collection is so It-Girl-Too-Cool-For-School-You-Wish-You-Knew-Me that I can no longer deny the wonderfulness that is Vivienne Westwood.

Images via The Cut

2 thoughts on “Viva Vivienne!

  1. Interesting collection, I have to say however that these girls (some of them) look so miserable and what is with the hair? I would love to see runway models actually smiling – they would look way more beautiful…….ah well

  2. I think in general runway models are told to look uninterested and unapproachable when walking the runway. I guess it may be supposed to be “attitude”.

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