Just do it?

So recently there was this Times cover and corresponding article that talked about how more and more couples are delaying having kids in favor of –shocker- just being a married couple. Now, I can’t tell you everything that was said in this article, mainly because I don’t subscribe to Time magazine and I have yet to make myself venture over to the business/news section of the magazine rack. The fashion glossies are just too darn distracting. However, I do appreciate Time taking the time to broach this subject. I can see myself as part of this young couple on the cover-sans the matching swimsuits. My future husband and I, living life, being content to just be with each other. I think I would be fine with that, because honestly my clock is not ticking. At. All. It may be broken?

As a 29 year old female, I have recently been plagued with questions and concerns regarding my reproductive aspirations/goals/desires/wants. People (read: men) seem fascinated that I am not in the least bit crumbling in agony over the depleting state of my egg count. How can I be so calm? What will you do when you’re old and alone? Think about the children!! Will you not think about the children?!?!? Geesh people! Calm yourselves. I will be just fine in my fabulous, old age. I know it may be shocking (!) but not every girl/woman/lady/female is just twiddling her thumbs, bidding her time until she can reproduce. I used to think I wanted a house full of kids. Then I realized how much they cost as compared to say, birth control. I trimmed back some on the final number of kiddies I somewhat desired. I began to think two would suffice. Maybe a boy and a girl. Maybe two boys. Who knows? Twins run in my family on my father’s side- he was a twin and then his mother had two more twin boys- so it could happen to me too. But honestly, the older I get, the more I don’t care. I am not opposed to kids, I am indifferent. I have friends who are shining examples of domestic bliss. They have it all: careers, houses, spouses, and offspring. But I don’t envy them or ruefully wish it were me instead. I am thrilled for them. I love the showers and cakes and happy moments that you get to partake in when your friends reproduce. Besides, I have my own ambitions. Everything that I want to accomplish in life, currently has nothing to do with babyGap.

I have other plans, dammit. I have goals and dreams, and …..oh, shoes!

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