Lupita Covers Vogue, Again!

Lupita Nyong’o is on the cover of the upcoming October Vogue. This makes the second cover in a row that Vogue has featured a black woman, and it’s Lupita’s second cover for Vogue (her first was in July of 2014). These are all good things. What’s even better is the photo spread inside. Continue reading “Lupita Covers Vogue, Again!”

Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal Give Serious Suit Envy at the ESPYS

Last night, everyone’s imaginary high school cool couple stepped out to promote their latest movie, Southpaw, at the ESPYS. Continue reading “Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal Give Serious Suit Envy at the ESPYS”

Met Gala Or Bust

This year’s Met Gala was once again the best example of what not to wear to your friend’s wedding. The theme of “white tie and decorations” (seriously, who thinks up this shit?) was across the board, relatively easy to follow. The men really seemed to jump on the band wagon with the “white tie” aspect of the theme. And of course the women- oh the women– were decorated to the nines. It was a grand spectacle of extravagance and overflowing discretionary bank accounts.

Conscience Coupling 

couples 5

couples 6 couples1 couples2 couples3 couples4

Designer Dates


designerdates2 designerdates1

Middle of the Road

Middle of the Road

I love a good midi length dress. I do not love the midi length beaded fishnet Kristen Stewart is wearing.

Ancient History

Greek Tragedy

I just want to throw these ladies a shield, sword, and goblet of liquid gold. Maybe they will join forces and become a super group.

Crop Tops and Cut Outs

Crop topscut out

I am determined to find the appropriate crop top/skirt combination for myself to wear in my ordinary life. It will happen….one day.

Laugh-y Taffeta


This is where all of your bridesmaid and prom dresses aspire to be, yet none ever measure up.

Black White and Hot All Over


These two had major red carpet mojo working. SJP looks like a princess. A smiling, gloved princess. Anna K just look sexy as hell.


Between Charlize and Cara, black and white has never looked so good.

Lil Bo Peep Stunt Doubles

Bo Peep

I love Chloe’s look. I really do. Lil Bo Peep just popped in my head for some reason. Naomi looks okay, by Lily and Anna confuse me. I think I am missing the point.

Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Elizabeth Olsen looks fantastic and those shoes need to immediately be made into a cheaper/more affordable version that I can purchase at my local TJ Maxx. Lena, no.

The Strangers (ie, I didn’t read the invitation)

Strangers2 The Strangers

Valley of the Deep Vs


Deep Vs and high slits should not be on the same dress. It’s just too much.

Plunging 2

Olivia looks fantastic and I am strangely loving Maggie’s look. Something about the combination of her hair color and complexion with the dress pattern works for me.



Liquid Slink



The Bigger The Better


Oh look, it’s Cinderella!

thebiggerthebetter2 thebiggerthebetter1

Applique Queens


Asymmetrical Dreams
Asymetrical Dreams
Best Dressed of the night (aka Hollywood’s Ken and Barbie)

Best Dressed Couple

Blake Lively looks like a modern day Veronica Lake. I love every last bit of this look on her. And Ryan Reynolds is definitely working the double Ds-that’s short for “Dashing Debonair”.

Red Carpet Report: Ebony 100 Gala

So, obviously my invitation was lost in the mail. I mean, that’s the only logical explanation as to why I was not at the Ebony 100 Gala, which was last night, in New York City’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. But, me being the bigger person, I will not hold grudges. I will be an adult and move on and talk about what really matters: what people wore on the red carpet. 

The Good:

Amy Dubois Barnett- Nice color, nice makeup, nice hair.
Keija Minor
Berry Gordy- The tie sucks, but his smile makes up for it…..a little.
Rhonda Ross- Lovely dress, hair and accessories.
Lee Daniels- Looking good. Suit could stand to be a little more fitted.
Jessica White- Stunning woman, but the dress, hair, and the makeup are just a shade too severe.


The Bad:

Carla Hall- No. Just no.
Desiree Rogers- Too much tulle, not enough pretty.
Cynthia Rowley- I usually love her quirky style, but this is just bad.
Eskedar Gobeze- Maybe she was trying to channel Marilyn Monroe, but between the stockings and the shawl made of children’s tears and bunny fur, it was not good.
Mellody Hobson- Too cutesy for a grown woman.
Marcus Samuelsson- Too. Much. Going. On. Can’t focus.
Rachel Johnson- With such great stature, she should have chosen a better color than “preschool puke brown”.
Pauletta Washington- Separately, maybe I could like the hair, the purse, and the dress. But all together, it looks like she’s trying too hard. What’s with the stockings?

The Gorgeous:

Jermaine Jackson, Randy Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Tito Jackson- Well done dudes. Well done.
LaLa Anthony- This dress is amazing on her body. The hair and makeup look elegant and simple.
Magic and Cookie Johnson- His graphite suit is MONEY and she look SLICK in her black dress.
Nick Cannon- Love Love Love brown with pink and fuschia. The patterned suit against the floral tie and pocket square scream Gentleman. Well done.
Kimberly and Tyson Chandler- He’s a tall drink of water in his suit with the skinny tie. And she looks elegant and poised. Beautiful couple.
Van Jones- Great smile (check), Great suit (check), Great tie (check). Slow clap all around.
Victor Cruz and Elaina Watley- I like a man who thinks outside the Black Suit Box. This is a great color choice for him and Elaina looks cute in her dress and (I Want Those Shoes) heels.


Read more at EBONY