Layer It On

In the Fall I tend to burrow deep into thick, chunky knit sweaters. I pile on scarves and wool hats. In the Spring I try to take a more airy and simple approach. My heavy sweaters are replaced with lightweight jackets. My thick wool scarves become silkier and smoother cotton versions- often with pretty floral prints!

There is no shortage of great jackets to choose from this upcoming Spring season. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gap Utility Jacket, $75
Levi’s Denim Jacket, $78
Vince Camuto Tweed Jacket, $70
Free People Linen and Vegan Moto Jacket, $148

Black & White

I am constantly searching for new sources of inspiration for outfit ideas. One of my favorites is The Sartorialist website. I could literally spend hours searing through the random selection of pictures that Scott Schuman has added to his blog. Everyday I find a new look or part of an outfit that I am just dying to replicate. This black and white combo is easy enough to replicate, but also lends itself to be individualized effortlessly.

black and white

Photos: The

The Hot Chick

There’s obviously no shortage of gorgeous women stalking red carpets lately.  But seriously, Jessica Biel just gave everyone a run for their money. This outfit is head to toe gorgeous.

Jessica Biel in Chanel

Jessica Biel is seen here in Chanel, at the Museum of Modern Art 2013 Film Benefit.


Photo: Getty Images

How To Wear: The Slip Dress

I have been searching high and low for a classic slip dress to add to my closet. I like to find items that I believe are classics and will last me a few years. A well made, well-fitting slip dress can be dressed up or down. Fall is the perfect season to get full use of a slip dress.

Now, I have yet to find one that fits my body and bank account. But I will not be dissuaded. I know one day I will happen upon a gorgeous slip dress and it will be love at first fit.  Until that fateful day, I will endure the hunt and search on. If you are lucky enough to already have a great slip dress, but find yourself perplexed as to how to transition it into the fall, I present you three options, all using the affordable $76 TOPSHOP Strap Back Slip Dress:

Slip dressWhen topped with a long cardigan and belted, the slip dress takes on a more businesslike look. Use simple jewelry and round toe heels to further demure the sexy slip dress.

Date Slip Dress

I like the juxtaposition of the soft slip dress against the toughness of a leather jacket. A pair of nude shooties and gold accented accessories and jewelry complete the date-night look.

Weekend Slip Dress
An oversized shawl sweater and flat boots are the perfect pieces to take this slip dress down a notch. Whether it’s Saturday lunch with the girls, running errands, or hitting up a matinee, this casual outfit will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Flower Power

Nothing says fall like a nice floral dress, right? It used to be standard procedure to pack away your bright floral swing dresses every September and pine away for them until May. But those dog days are over. This fall has seen an influx of darker toned floral dresses that are more wearable into the cooler months. To pull off this look into the chilly months of October, November, and December, pair floral dresses with a warm leather jacket and some kicky ankle boots in this season’s must have color: taupe- rhymes with dope because it’s so awesome and extremely wearable. Taupe is much like other color neutrals: black, brown, navy, and gray. You can pair these colors with nearly any other color and they’ll look great.  Taupe booties and a dark, heathered tight can be your best friend with it comes to extending the wear of your floral dresses. But, if you’re not too keen on taupe yet (whatever, you’re missing out), there is always the standby black tights and black booties or shooties combination.

To Cape or Not to Cape

At first I wasn’t into the whole “cape” idea. I’m not Little Red Riding Hood and I don’t find myself in situations where donning a cape is preferable to a regular old jacket or heavy sweater. Unlike capes,  sweater coats or even sweater dusters are easy to pull on and off at a moment’s temperature change. My issue with capes resided squarely in the hassle of having to pull it over your head every time you needed to take it off. It just seemed like a lot to ask. But, the more I look at them, the more I am drawn to them. I would probably only wear them when I would be outside for extended periods of time: sporting events, flea market shopping, or sightseeing.  Being the traditionalist that I am, I would be more apt to purchase a camel colored or black cape in order to easily coordinate it with other items. But, you don’t have to be a boring person like moi. If you want to rock a flaming fushia cape while grocery shopping on Saturday, by all means, do it and take pictures and send them to me so I can look at you with envy.

Find Your Moto

The title is a play on words…get it? Find Your Moto instead of “Find Your Mojo”. Haha, right? Fine….Moving on. It’s no secret that I’m kinda sorta, very much obsessed with finding a moto jacket for myself this fall. I have found one that could very well be THE ONE, but it’s a little pricey *cough* Vince *cough*.  But, I will not let that dissuade me. I tried on a knit moto jacket made by Diesel and it got me thinking that instead of purchasing another leather jacket, a knit moto jacket could work instead.  But, if your heart is still pining away for a leather one, there are plenty of options out there. However! I beg you to check out some of these jackets that could easily replace your go to blazer or sweater.

All Baroque Everything

A big trend that was seen on the runways in Fall 2013 RTW collections was old Hollywood film noir and glamourous  vixen look. Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, and Alice & Olivia were among the many designers that sent looks down the runway featuring this trend.

Dying to get in on this action? Hold on toots and put down that brocaded vest you wore in middle school. Before you start piling on everything you own that’s tweed, jacquard, brocade, and velvet, let’s talk this out. It’s really easy to overdo  this trend and end up resembling Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club. Although, she really knew how to rock a slip dress and heavy coat.

I would suggest investing in separates that you can wear alone or layer together to make a more complete, trendy look. You can never go wrong with a well fitting tweed pant or pencil skirt. These pieces will never go out of style and you can incorporate them easily into your wardrobe. For a velvet piece, I would look for a velvet embellished t-shirt or blouse with velvet trim. You could go totally old school 90’s and find yourself a velvet babydoll dress, but I implore you, DON’t. There are some nice velvet dresses that have a more modern shape and won’t make you look like Blossom’s bestie, Six. To top it off, I’d add a nice brocaded jacket with or without a fox fur trim. Fur played a big part in the Fall 2013 collections and fortunately there is not a shortage of faux fur alternatives available. For a fancy night out you could pull together a jacquard print mini, sheer blouse, and add some velvety pumps or a velvet clutch.  Here’s some inspiration to get you started: