Be on Trend- Give Your Mom a Succulent Planter for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has totally snuck up on me. I know, it’s this Sunday so technically there’s still time for a last-minute gift. However, I am more of a two weeks out planner, but I was just now able to get the materials for this succulent planter. I honestly don’t even know if my mom likes succulents. I know she likes plants, so I’m just going to go with it.

Now, for this easy do-it-yourself gift, you can search Pinterest for HOURS until your eyes roll back into your skull and you pass out from exhaustion and your cat eats your face. Or, you can just go to your nearest home improvement store, pick out four to five succulents and/or cacti you like and do it free-form, like me. Be like me. It’s fun!

Full disclosure, I didn’t think about making this into a blog until after I finished the planter and posted a filtered photo on Instagram…. so I don’t have step by step photos. My bad. But, I have all of the names of the succulents I chose, so there’s that.


4-5 succulents
1 planter
1 8QT bag of Palm and Cactus soil mix
1  5lb bag of Riverbed stones

Succulents I used:

Step 1:

Follow the directions on the bag of Palm & Cactus soil and fill your planter.

Step 2:

Remove your succulents from the containers and loosen the soil before placing them into the planter.

Step 3:

Realize that your planter is too small and trade out the new planter for your mom for one you already own. Pray that it is large enough to fit the succulents in it.

Step 4:

Top the succulents off with more soil and water.

Step 5:

Place riverbed stones around the succulents.



All in all, I spent $30 on the succulents, soil, and stones. My original planter was $10 from Marshall’s but I swapped that one out for a larger one I already had. Good thing the one I bought for my mom was one I liked as well.

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