Glutton for Punishment: 10 Things I Want from the Anthropologie Fall Collection

Oh Anthropologie, the store I love to hate, but would hate to live without. It never fails that I find something that I love and immediately wish to own when I visit an Anthropologie store. Whether or not I can afford it at that moment in time is a different story. This fall, this glorious election year, panic attack, mind blowing fall, I am craving gem tones, lush velvets, and deep browns to carry me through. My muse is a fictional 1960s socialite who lives in a rich urban cultural center and spends a lot of time on a college campus. Think, The Graduate’s Mrs. Robinson meets Jackie O meets Mary Tyler Moore. On Monday, I will be starting a new job that will actually be on a major university’s campus, so I am thrilled to plunge my sartorial choices into the retro coed hemisphere.

Which brings me to the most recent Anthroplogie collection. Anthropologie has the perfect mix of vintage inspired fashions with a modern update. But, my desire for all things fall doesn’t stop at clothing – oh no! Anthropologie is dead-set on becoming the modern day department store and seeks to take all my money.

  1. Pepite Turban, $88.00

I’ve always marveled at women who can tie their head-scarves in such ornate and intricate ways. I have only seemed to master one way to tie a scarf. This turban would solve that problem for me. Quick dash to the store? Turban, sunglasses, jacket. Running late to brunch? Turban, sunglasses, chic sweater-dress. Late night movie? Turban, dark jeans, ankle boots. Need I go on?

2. Laced Artifact Midi Skirt, $168.00


This skirt is the kind of fantastic skirt that you can wear with your boyfriend’s alt-punk band t-shirt and look just as fabulous when you’re wearing it with a strand of pearls and silk blouse. It will also transition easily to the winter with tights, boots, and a luxurious turtleneck sweater.

3. Mariona Shirtdress, $138.00


Speaking of transitioning….this amazing shirtdress is such a great wardrobe piece. Spend the last few warm days of fall wearing this without tights and when the air gets cooler, slip on some tights, ankle boots, and jacket. Now, what I love about Anthropologie is the way they style their clothes on the website. You always come away with a new way to wear something. This dress was also styled as a jacket and paired with jeans and a t-shirt. I can dig it.

4. Plaid Wool Midi Skirt, $168.00


Now, this plaid skirt is the stuff coed dreams are made of. When I picture myself power walking across campus, in a hurry no doubt to get to work on time, I picture myself in a skirt like this. Well, this or a gorgeous pair of flare corduroys. But, that’s besides the point. The slight kick of the ruffles on the hem of this skirt are playful, but the colors of the plaid say woman with purpose. Who doesn’t want something like that in their closet?

5. Petaled Horseshoe Necklace, $128.00


When it comes to jewelry, I alternate between soft, delicate pieces and bigger, statement pieces, such as this one. Lately, the bulky necklaces have been winning out. I love this necklace and the color, especially. Green is  my favorite color and I can find a way to wear with any outfit. This piece in particular, I would wear over a thin ribbed turtleneck and those fictional, fantastic flared corduroys.

6. We Should All Be Feminists, $7.95


We really should all be FEMINISTS.

7. Risa Shower Curtain, $88.00


Bold patterns truly are at home in smaller spaces. Bathrooms are a great place to make a bold, colorful statement, without risking too much. This great shower curtain would easily become the focal point of the room and will look great beside some vibrant towels and colorful artwork.

8. Candlefish Matches, $6.00


I just really, really like matchboxes. I tend to keep matches and lighters nearby. I don’t smoke, but I like to be prepared. Why not be prepared with lovely match boxes? Seems like a smart idea to me.

9. Beaded Burst Earrings, $198.00


You know when you just see something and no matter the outrageous price you think to yourself, “I’ve just gotta have it“? These earrings are speaking to me. They are calling me, “Darling, you know you want us..Don’t worry about the price. You can skip groceries this month.”

10. Tocca Eau De Parfum – Florence, $68.00


 Tocca’s Stella was a signature scent last year. This year, I bought  a sample pack of Tocca rollers and Florence was included. I decided this coming year, Florence will be my signature scent. I’m fully embracing this 60s campus socialite and she will smell amazing. Truly, darling.

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