VINCE Resort 2013

Every year about this time, department stores and high end boutiques start slowly shuffling their winter parkas, peacoats, and cashmere scarves towards the stock room. But it’s mid November, what’s the rush? There hasn’t even been an actual snowfall yet. Well my friends, the Resort season is in full swing. Resort season? What’s that? 

Glad you asked:

ImageYou see, this time of year, all the rich and privileged pack up their specialty luggage, filled with their designer duds, and make a beeline to the nearest international airport. With destinations such as the Cayman Islands, Capri, and St. Bart’s, you don’t really need that Kenneth Cole cashmere scarf and glove set. What you may need is body hugging dress you can shimmy in on the dance floor. Or, depending on your destination and length of your vacation, you may need something a little more practical. And by destination, I mean your couch. And by vacation, I mean the personal day you take because you’re sick of hearing your coworker cry over her breakup. And by practical I mean something you can wear while watching repeats of Luther, Sherlock, and Hyde on Netflix. For all these reasons- and so much more- VINCE has supplied the perfect Resort collection for you. And me. Because everything is not about you. 





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