Tia Cibani Spring 2014 TW

Hands down, my favorite new designer. Have you seen her Fall 2013 collection? It’s all dark heroine and lady in distress with finger waves. I love it and I love this. There’s not one thing I wouldn’t wear in this Spring collection. Not. One. Thing.

Photos: Style.com

Veronica Beard Spring 2014 RTW

If you’ve been following me along as I bring to you the Spring collections, you might be wondering,  where is the hip collection? Where’s the collection that features the pieces that the  Chloe Sevignys of the world would wear? Well, ye of little faith! I haven’t let you down yet and I don’t plan to any time soon. Here is Veronica Beard’s Spring collection and it’s chock full of hot to trot pieces and killer hip outfits (hello, yellow moto jacket pantsuit!) that are just dying to be worn while strutting down the boulevard.

Photos: Style.com

BCBG Spring 2014 RTW

My love affair of all things BCBG started when I was in high school. I longed for the life that would grant me the opportunities to wear Max Azria’s clothes. For my senior prom I bought my first BCBG piece. A black and blue dress with sequins and beads sewn into starburst patterns. It was magical. I still have it and even though it’s been over 10 years since I wore it, I can still fit into it. Therefore, I shall keep it.

Back to the Spring collection. Its just as lovely as my senior prom dress: watercolor prints and washed out neutrals. It’s the epitome of city sophisticate. It’s all very effortlessly chic and hassle-free glam.

Photos: Style.com

Zimmermann Spring 2014 RTW

Um, can you say Sexy Bombshell? Cause, that’s what everyone will be saying when you walk by in any of these looks. The dresses…the pants outfits… the unitards  bodysuits for crying out loud! Who would’ve thought I’d be ready to don a bodysuit again. I used to love them when I was in 4th grade. I went through a luxe, baroque phase where everything I owned was crushed velvet, jewel-toned, and needed to be worn with a pearl choker. I repeat, I was in 4th grade. Way ahead of my game. I even had these tweed shorts I wore with tights and Mary Janes. Classic.  I like these bodysuits a little more. More refined and grown up. Perfect to go from the work to cocktail hour.

Photos: Style.com

LAMB Spring 2014 RTW

Continuing in the punky, Cali cool aesthetic, L.A.M.B.’s Spring collection makes me want to perm my hair, brush it out and buy a bunch of dayglo sunglasses. It’s grown up grunge and polished punk at it’s best. That blue pants suit? Yea, that would look great on me. And don’t even get me started on the shoes…I wants it all.

Photos: Style.com

Richard Chai Love Spring 2014 RTW

This collection reminds me of the early nineties for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s full on nostalgia happening. Anyway, this show featured sharp middle of the head parts, somber expressions, and leather jackets everywhere. The fit ranges from close to body and tailored to loose and boxy. I loved the leather moto jackets and crop top/maxi skirt sets. Other than that, I feel like I’ve been there and done that.

Photos: Style.com

Honor Spring 2014 RTW

This collection embodies everything that is Spring. There’s demure tailoring and lace and floral prints everywhere. It’s basically what you pick out to wear when you want to look good but also want to steer clear of side-eye from Granny.

Photos: Style.com

Josie Natori Spring 2014 RTW

Talk about vibrancy! This collection may start off a tad bland and tea stained, but it quickly warms up to eye popping colors, oversized bauble necklaces (love!) and slinky, sexy dresses that I can totally see Angelina Jolie or Olivia Wilde wearing down the red carpet. My favorite piece is the pink and orange pantsuit. That’s the kind of outfit that will take you places. So good…so good.

Photos: Style.com

Tracy Reese Spring 2014 RTW

I’ve always loved Tracy Reese. Her designs are extremely flattering, stylish, and mercifully accommodating to those with ample hips. This Spring 2014 Ready To Wear collection was no different. From the tattoos strategically placed on the model to the lace up sandals they sported on their feet, it was a win win all around.

Gary Graham Spring 2014 RTW

This collection encompasses ethereal gothic. I totally just made that up, but it’s fitting, no? The gauzy film of the dresses and shirts looks like they will float away. They’re only anchored by the embellishment of the embroidery and the structure of the pants and jackets. Everything about this collection screams smart and classy. Pair any one of these outfits with your best “I know I look good. Don’t hate.” face and strut down the street.

Photos: Style.com