5 Things I Saw On Pinterest That I Don’t Understand

  1. Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Pinterest is full of crafty crap like this. Time suck crafts that never turn out looking like the image and bring your self-esteem down. By the time you calculated all the popsicle sticks you’re going to have to buy, time spent going through the steps, and paint only to finally get one right…you could’ve just ordered this cool bracelet from Etsy.

2. Kid’s Furniture That Should Come in Adult Sizes


Um, no thanks? I don’t get the appeal of child-like furniture for adults. I like having a queen size bed and I enjoy sitting in chairs with ample back support. I am an adult and I have adult bones. My bones would not enjoy this wack rabbit chair with no lumbar support. In the link there are a bunch of other uncomfortable looking seating options, like this stupid stool, and weird shaped beds that aren’t really beds, but just oversized sleeping bags.  This thing… I would not feel comfortable sleeping in this. And you definitely can’t have sex in it without everyone hearing you. No.

3. Legless Giraffe


This is a bookend. This legless giraffe is a child’s bookend. Why would you give a child an amputated giraffe? There are two cool things about giraffes: the length of their necks and the length of their legs. This one has none of those. Of course it’s from Anthropologie and of course there are a lot of other legless animals (that cost $68!) that you can decorate your child’s bookcase with. Enjoy!

4. Time Intensive Halloween Decorations


According to this pin, you have to take a doll, drape it in the fabric, spray the hell out of it with stiffening spray (what?) and then remove the doll somehow, without messing up the shape. Then, you place them randomly around town? to scare people? you don’t know?

Why? There are a bunch of other random ass “spooky” halloween decorations that take up way too much spare time in the link. I couldn’t be bothered to link them. No thanks.

5. Rodent Coat


This faux fur coat looks like someone went on a pest killing spree in their grandmother’s attic, skinned a bunch of squirrels, chipmunks, rats, and bunnies, and decided to make this coat, and then gift it to their unhappy girlfriend. She, in turn, promptly threw it into her closet, never to be seen again.

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