5 Things I Saw on Pinterest that I REALLY REALLY Want

There is a saying that “Idle hands are the devil’s playground”. I would like to amend that saying and add “Idle hands in possession of a smartphone with the Pinterest app on it are the devil’s playground”.  Pinterest has become my casual time waster. I open the app and pin a few things throughout the day. It’s what I do before I get out of bed. It’s what I do before I go to sleep. I do it on my lunch break. I do it while sitting at the bar, waiting for a friend to show up. I even do it during commercial breaks, or during the show if it’s boring. I can’t stop.

As vices go, this one is fairly harmless. However, it does create a sense of desire for more shit. Shit I really don’t need. So, maybe by putting things down here, I can get them out of my mind.

1. Addie Laced Romper

Addie Laced Romper

Who wouldn’t want this? It’s adorable. I am definitely on a romper kick this summer. I bought one last year, and I recently added two more floral ones to my collection. But this one? This one is special. This one will round out my collection of 3 and bump it up to 4. Four is a better number than three cause it’s larger. Also, I kind of just like this because it looks like separates, but it’s not! FashionTrickery!! I love it.

2. Atasi Shirtdress

Atasi Shirtdress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Now this item is a transition piece. I could belt it and wear it now with sandals. OR, I can belt it and wear it with tights and boots in the fall. Clothes that easily transition from season to season are becoming my favorite kinds of clothes because…bills. Adulting is hard and expensive.

3. Rosita Bonita Winged necklace 

Rosita Bonita Winged Scarab Necklace

How amazing is this necklace? It’s like something an ancient Egyptian queen would wear. I loved it instantly. You could easily wear this with a tee shirt and jeans, a fancy black cocktail dress, or the above mentioned romper. The choices are endless…if endless means three choices. But for real, I would wear this as much as possible. I can see it looking best with a simple tank dress or crisp white button down.

4. What’s Up Dock heel

What’s Up, Dock? Heel in Black?

These sandals make me miss my childhood. They also make me realize that I wore some high ass heels in middle school. I had a pair of shoes that looked just like this in 6th and 7th grade. I loved them. The wooden platform sole and heel helped to usher my feet into years of heel wearing. These shoes, that romper, and the above necklace. Yep. All. Damn. Day.

5. The Gisela Dress

The Gisela Dress

This year, I have noticed that I am drawn to dresses that are either backless or feature side or back cutouts. I like this dress because it presents the best of both worlds. It’s a great date dress, festival dress, Sunday morning farmer’s market dress, ladies brunch dress, movie at night dress. I mean, I could go on, but I think you get it. You can wear this dress to a lot of places.

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