Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal Give Serious Suit Envy at the ESPYS

Last night, everyone’s imaginary high school cool couple stepped out to promote their latest movie, Southpaw, at the ESPYS.


There isn’t much Jake Gyllenhaal or Rachel McAdams don’t look good in. But, damn…both of these beauties in tailored suits? It’s almost too much.

Rachel-McAdams-Jake-Gyllenhaal-ESPYs-2015 (1)

Almost. Let’s look at them separately, maybe then it won’t be so hard on the eyes and heart.

Rachel-McAdams-Jake-Gyllenhaal-ESPYs-2015 (2)

Red is definitely Rachel’s color. As is nearly every other color on the color wheel, but she’s wearing red right now.

Rachel-McAdams-Jake-Gyllenhaal-ESPYs-2015 (4)

Jake is looking every bit the Dapper Dan in his tailored black suit as well. How do they do it? How many magical stylist/makeup artist/seamstress fairies lost their wings pulling these two together? Let’s have a moment of silence for the lost ones.

Rachel-McAdams-Jake-Gyllenhaal-ESPYs-2015 (5)

And another one.

Rachel-McAdams-Jake-Gyllenhaal-ESPYs-2015 (3)

That’s it. I’m done.

You can watch the trailer to Southpaw here.

Photos via PopSugar.

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