Romping Around

Ever since the romper bounced it’s way back into style last summer, I’ve been scouting for one to add to my wardrobe. The challenge was finding one that was not only age appropriate, but also suited for my body and proportions. Too often I was left with sagging crotch, baggy behind and drooping bodice. I was beginning to loose hope. Until, I stumbled upon Trashy Diva‘s Pinterest page. There it was, in all of it’s seer-suckered glory; the Lena Romper

The fitted waist ensured that my narrow waist wouldn’t get lost in the fabric. The sweetheart bodice would properly showcase my chest and bring the eye up, allowing the full shorts to hide my more ample bottom. It was love at first pin.

I understand rompers aren’t for everyone and some people do feel they tend to make you look like you’re an overgrown tot lot escapee. But! It all depends on how you wear it and carry yourself. The Lena Romper is a grown ass woman’s romper. It’s fun, yet sexy. Charming, yet classy. Now, all I need is a BBQ to wear it to. Ahem, I’m waiting…

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