Let Them Eat Cake

For Easter, I was craving something fresh and spring-like. Also, chocolate. Dark chocolate to be precise. I usually make a lemon pound cake around Easter, but this year I wanted to switch it up. Feast your eyes on this fluffy cloud of deliciousness.


After scouring the interwebs, I came across this recipe for chocolate cake and this recipe for coconut buttercream. I modified both recipes a bit. For the chocolate cake, I used strong black coffee, instead of the espresso powder and dark chocolate cocoa powder, instead of regular. For the buttercream, I used the remaining of my coconut extract, instead of canned coconut milk. I just couldn’t justify opening an entire can of coconut milk for a few ¬†tablespoons. Both the cake and buttercream turned out great and I used some organic coconut flakes to finish off the cake.


There’s something so relaxing about baking. It helps me destress when the world has got me down. And lately, I need a lot of activities to help me destress. Plus, unlike, say yoga or walking around your neighborhood, when you bake, you get to eat it when it’s done.




What is thy mouth to me?

A cup of sorrowful incense,

A tree of keen leaves,

An eager high ship,

A quiver of superb arrows.

What is thy breast to me?

A flower of new prayer, 

A poem of firm light,

A well if cool birds,

A drawn bow trembling. 


What is thy body to me?

A theatre of perfect silence, 

A chariot of red speed,

And O, the dim feet

Of white-maned desires!

– e.e. cummings 


I went to the farmer’s market this morning with a friend. It’s nearly the end of the summer and it’s the first time I’ve been all season.

We made a few loops around the stands and took in the samples, smells, and sights. One of the first sights we saw was a lovely farm’s stand with gorgeous flowers. I couldn’t leave without buying a few bouquets. 

The blossoms inspired me to bake a cake when I got home. Chocolate cake with orange blossom water glaze. There’s simply no better way to spend a Sunday. 


Let Them Eat Cake

I like to consider baking my sport. I am a hardcore baker with a black belt in flavoring. Yea, I said it. I love mixing it up and laying it down in the kitchen. I am in my element when the holidays roll around.

Need an Easter chocolate torte? Done.

Craving a Fourth of July cherry pie? Boom!

Longing for some Christmas Eve cookies? I thought you’d never ask!

Along with Christmas Eve cookies, I needs my Christmas cake. And here are some of my favorites. Feel free to serve all of these cakes with coffee, milk, and love. Happy Baking!

Chocolate Bundt Cake
Coconut Cake
Pecan Spice Layer Cake
Bittersweet Chocolate Irish Whiskey Cake
Perfect White Cake