How to have a Stella-r Snow Day

At long last, we have been blessed with the possibility of an actual snowstorm- Snowstorm Stella.  Winter 2016/2017 has been one of the mildest winters on record, but alas! March 2017 is proving to be the most fickle month ever. I have become accustomed to not putting too much faith into previous winter’s behavior. Every year we get hotter and hotter and the seasons become less and less. Soon, Maryland will just be Summer and Winter. It was in the 60s and 70s for the majority of February. It was in the 70s just last week and now, tomorrow, we are expecting a snowstorm that will bring anywhere from 3-5″, 6-9″, or my personal favorite 8-12″. Either way, I will not have work tomorrow. With it forecasted to snow all night and for the majority of the working day tomorrow, most schools and businesses will be closed. That is really all I wanted. No one should have to go through an entire winter without at least one snow day. Otherwise, what’s the point of winter without snow?

In order to get your Stella-r Snow Day done right, look no further than my handy How To list:

Step 1.) Set alarm for your wake-up normal time. Trust me. You can always fall back asleep later. There is nothing like the anticipation of a snow day. Don’t deprive yourself of that first morning buzz of excitement upon seeing the freshly fallen snow on the ground and knowing that you’re off from work.


Step 2.) This is where you can opt to go back to bed for a few hours – or – you can stay awake and proceed with your Stella-r Snow Day.

  • Option 1. Go back to bed. Wake up in 2-3 hours and proceed to Step 3.
  • Option 2. Go into the kitchen and prepare the type of breakfast that you never have time to make during the week. Like a chicken and waffles type breakfast. I personally plan to make chocolate chip banana bread and sticky bacon.

Step 3.) Now, this is the part of the day where you can decide what type of Stella-r Snow Day you will have. Will it be a video game snow day? For my boyfriend? Probs. Will it be a read on the sofa snow day? Maybe. Or, will it be a catch up on all your HBO shows that you didn’t watch on Sunday night and then watch RHOA while drinking mimosas? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!


Step 4.) This step is my favorite. This is the step where you prepare for later and still get to enjoy the day you’ve planned out in Step 3. For me, it will involve preparing a quiche with sausage, onion, and cheese. This will bake in the oven while I am enjoying multiple mimosas and watching Big, Little Lies and the latest drama in Hawaii on RHOA. Later, I will be able to enjoy said quiche for lunch/dinner without having to do much more than reheating it.


Step. 5) Now, depending on your snow accumulation, you may have an abbreviated Step 5 because, duh, you have to go to work tomorrow. If so, proceed to your normally scheduled evening routine and maybe take a nice relaxing tub bath. If it has stopped snowing by the evening, you will most likely have to get up early to shovel. Might as well be as relaxed as possible the night before.

If you are still experiencing snow and it seems likely you will indeed have another snow day, feel free to continue your previously selected activity. I like to take one day to chill and do nothing, especially since it makes no sense to shovel snow while it’s still snowing. That way, on the second day, I can burn off the extra calories I consummed in mimosas by shoveling snow and reward myself with spiked coffees on my breaks.


Now, go forth and enjoy!