Scheming and Pipe-Dreaming

Mondays are truly the worst! After a relaxing weekend of mimosa sipping and t.v. watching, having to get up, get dressed, and put on a bra is just too much to ask sometimes. Yesterday was no exception. 

As a communications professional, I spend 90% of my time staring off into the nether webs of information and cat videos. Despite managing multiple department websites and social media platforms, I all too often find myself bored beyond belief. It may be shocking to find out, but updating a website and posting to Facebook and Twitter does not, in fact, take up 8 hours of the day.

<insert multiple “shocked” gifs here>

Oh hell, here’s one.


So, what do I do on these days where my mind never ceases to wander, and I am left daydreaming of what I should be doing had I become the independently wealthy philanthropist I thought I would be by now?

I make fictitious wine bottle labels for my fictitious vineyard. I would sell these bottles in my fictitious wine bar that is located in my very real neighborhood. The wine bar would also be located next to my fictitious vintage clothing and home decor store. When I daydream, I go full lifestyle brand.