Where’s the Beach?

Is it the end of August already? This summer has flown by. I am not too sad about this since I hate the summer. I would probably enjoy it more if I had a personal pool, but I don’t have a pool, therefore I don’t like the summer.

The only thing that makes summer time bearable is the annual vacation to the Outer Banks I usually take with my friends. It’s a week of spending all day drinking at the beach, followed by nights spent drinking on the deck of the beach house we all split. It’s like a family vacation, but with people you actually choose to be around on a regular basis. There are still awkward moments and fights between couples, but it’s literally my favorite week of every year. Except my birthday week. Yes, I get a birthday week. Yes, it is awesome. No, I am not being ridiculous.


Our beach house was in Corolla, NC and was literally a 30 second walk to the beach. It was amazing. The house reeked of seventies decor and lacked proper kitchen essentials, but we made due for the proximity to the beach. No one wants to lug pop up tents, chairs, coolers, babies, towels, and umbrellas to a beach that’s a ten minute drive away, every day of the week. I’ll take an outdated house close to the beach over an updated house farther away from the beach, any day. That being said, this house did make me question my affinity for wood paneling.


With 8 adults and 5 kids staying under one roof for a week, we all pitched in and did family dinners every night. Every couple picks a night and prepares dinner. Whoever wakes up first makes a pot of coffee or pitcher of mimosas and we all pitch in to buy beer and ice and prepare lunch on the beach.


Every year, it never fails, I am reluctant to leave, but happy to get home. However, I think I would like to start taking 2 weeks off so that I can have one full week at the beach and one full week to come home and do nothing.

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