Mad Men is Ending and My Sunday Nights will be a Sham of What They Used to be

As you all know, Mad Men is ending and the world will soon there after implode. Grab your finest ModCloth dress, most retro looking e-cigarette, and those too tight vintage Ferragamos and huddle and cry with me.

I’m not entirely upset that Mad Men is ending. I get it. Shows can’t go on forever and ever…or can they? But where will I go now for my weekly dose of snazzy sixties fashion and poor parenting examples? Where will I go for inspiration for my desire to encase everything in jello? What will I do? How will I live??

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And to top it off, the entire cast got all dolled up and just threw it back in  my face, one last time, that they are the hottest and that there will be a large, fashionably dressed sized hole in my tv line-up. And before you say it, Better Call Saul does not qualify.

Images via Vanity Fair

Wardrobe Envy: Mad Men

The women of Mad Men have some of the best wardrobes on television. From Betty Draper’s prim and proper, impeccably fitted dresses and twin sets to Jane’s figure hugging pencil skirts and sheaths, Mad Men knows style. There’s no doubt that I am merely a speck of sand in the sea of fans who would love to snatch the wardrobe closet key and wander through the racks of clothing. Now I don’t know where you are season-wise or how many episodes on Netflix you need to catch up on…you go to work, I know. So, I’m just going to assume you’ve watched the latest two seasons and know what I mean when I say I want to dance around in Megan Draper‘s closet and sing Zou Zou Bisou. Don’t kill my dream man.

jessica_pare_mad_men_season_5 jessica-pare-long Jessica+Pare+Flats+Ballet+Flats+Sq7NWnAY3oel mainWhen does season 7 start again?