VINCE is just as sick of all the sunshine and happiness as you are

When I looked at the VINCE Fall 2013 collection I immediately thought, Now here’s a designer who gets me. Who understands that one of my dreams is to look like  a cast extra from 2002’s Minority ReportDo you remember that movie? I love it. Everything is dark and somber and the days all have a grayish overtone. I imagine it’s like living in London.

Fall usually brings about the subdued colors and deeper, richer tones of brown, gray, burgundy, and emerald. There’s an understated luxury to the fall collections. I, for one, cannot wait for the days to get colder, nights to get crisper, and the kiddies to get the hell out of the streets. Go back to school already, you crazy whippersnappers!


Wardrobe Envy: The Fall

Have you seen this show? If not, put down that book, pick up your nearest Netflix ready device and plan not to move for the next 6 hours.

Oh, and prepare to start coveting Gillian Anderson’s wardrobe as police investigator, Stella Gibson, right about now.



Real World How-To:

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