How To Live Alone And Love It

Even though I have just moved out (again) this is not the first time I have lived alone. My very first apartment was an off campus one bedroom in  West Chester, Pennsylvania. I had hardwood floors, cross ventilation, and I was right across the street from the main campus. I had it made. But, I only lived there a year. The next time I moved out, I was in a relationship and things quickly went south. But, this time, I am going to relish it. It’s likely the last chance I get to live by myself before I get married or something, so I’m going to live it up. And, I hope that you will join me on this journey of living alone and loving every minute of it.

How To Live Alone: A Step By Step Guide

1. Rent a small one bedroom apartment that is just big enough for you and a small pet. This discourages unwanted over night guests.

2. Rent said apartment in an area that you are comfortable in and frequent. This way, you will have no qualms walking down the street to the local store, bar or restaurant when you want to stretch your legs, or get a drink or five.

3. Get organized! Go to Target and purchase whatever storage bins, wicker baskets, or plastic tubs you need in order to get your shit together. Not having a roommate or parent to harp on you about your mess can lead to your apartment quickly being deemed inhabitable. No one wants to date That Girl. Remember the Friends episode with Rebecca Romijn and her horrendous apartment? Don’t be Rebecca Romijn in that Friends episode.

4. Buy a nice wine rack or liquor cabinet (that you can afford) and display your spirits. Fill that counter wine rack with those 3 bottles of wine you somehow haven’t drank and stand back and smile. Having wine bottles on your counter, that are still full of wine is one of ways you know you’re a grown-up.

5. Sit on your couch, wrap up in your favorite blanket and watch WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO.

6. Run a hot bath. Get in said bath and stay there FOR AS LONG AS YOU FEEL LIKE IT.

7. Bake that delicious looking cake you saw in Real Simple and take half to work to share with your coworkers. That way, you won’t eat the whole thing over the weekend while watching a Wives With Knives marathon on Investigation Discovery. Bonus: All your coworkers will love you and think that you’ve become a lot more considerate ever since you moved out of your mom’s basement.

8. Go on dates and hang out with your friends and then go home and be thankful that no one will hassle you if you get home really late. But, don’t neglect that small pet you got!

9. Make a Cleaning playlist on your iPod and blast as loud as your neighborhood ordinances allow while you go all OCD on your apartment.

10. Wake up Saturday morning, put on The Today Show and proceed to do whatever you feel like doing.

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