Top 10 Reasons To Stay Up All Night Watching A Christmas Story

Yes my friends, it’s that time of year. So soon, you say. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were celebrating Labor Day and eating hotdogs in Aunt June’s back yard?

No, that was nearly four months ago, dude. Catch Up!.

Watching A Christmas Story ad nauseam on Christmas Eve is a time honored tradition and just because you’re nearly 30 does not mean you’re suddenly too good to sit up all night and watch this movie. Here are 10 reasons you’re going to skip that last shot at the bar and head home.

1. No matter where you live now, as soon as this movie starts, you’re immediately transported to the place you were when you first saw it.

2. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to stick your tongue to an aluminum pole.

3. You’ve tested it out by sticking your tongue to the ice in the ice cube tray- remember those?

4. You’ve always wanted a full size adult snow suit.

5. You have a whole case of seasonal beer that you need to finish before it goes bad.

6. Your coworker gave you a magnum bottle of wine for Secret Santa.
It’s not going to drink itself. 

7. Your mom never let you have a bebe gun, but now you’re of age to buy your own.

8. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/roommate/friend has never seen it and in order for them to continue being an upstanding citizen, you need to make them watch this movie.

9. It’s snowing outside.

10. It’s snowing outside and you’ve got a tub of cookie dough, hot chocolate, and a bottle of Bailey’s. What are you waiting for?


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