Wardrobe Envy: Kerry Washington, Scandal

So, if you know me personally you know that I LOVE ABC’s Scandal. I was never a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. I have actually never watched an episode in my entire life, despite the fact that my former roommates used to have viewing parties for the premiere of the newest Grey’s episode. I must have been eating pizza or refusing to do a headstand in yoga class during those evenings. I’ve also never watched Private Practice, unless you count those few nights when an episode comes on after the late night news and I haven’t quite fallen asleep yet. Needless to say, Scandal was my first foray into Shondaland. I may have purchased my ticket skeptically, but you will have to pry the stub from my cold, clenched, dead hands. I am never leaving and you couldn’t make me if you wanted to. Now, love her or hate her, or get extremely irritated with her, Olivia Pope has a wardrobe most female Washingtonians would give up a lifetime Metro pass for. The only thing I don’t understand is how she can drink so much red wine and wear so much beige, white, and taupe, but never get a drop on her…..she clearly is a professional. October 3rd can’t get here fast enough.jacket and dress



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