Wardrobe Envy: Allison Williams, Girls

Just in time for fall, I bring you your workplace inspiration for that first week with a chill in the air. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t had access to a television or the internet, Allison Williams plays Marni on Girls. She is the type A, stick up her ass counter part to Lena Dunham’s free wheeling, care free Hannah. For much of the previous two seasons, Marni worked at an art gallery. Thus the majority of her wardrobe includes solid colors, classic sheaths, and conservative jewelry. Obviously I was a WASPy YUPPY in my previous life because I love her wardrobe and I really just want to raid her closet and roll around in all the soft, soft wool and cotton.

camel jacket coral dress floral dress mint sheath purple dressGo ahead girl, drink your wine in your fine ass purple, cowl neck dress. Looking fierce.

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