Saturday Shennanigans

What happens when two witty, sarcastic ladies meet at their mutual place of employment and find out that they both enjoy walking fast, talking faster, and good beer? They become good friends and decide to spend a weekend in Baltimore, getting tattoos*, taking pictures, doing shit, and eating good food.


One can’t truly appreciate the wonder of Baltimore in only two days, but by golly, we jammed as much as possible into Sarah’s short visit.

Friday night we kept things chill. After dinner and drinks at my favorite –  Hamilton Tavern – we watched Gone Girl and called it a night.

Saturday morning we hit the town, and we hit it hard.

Hamilton -> Fells Point -> Downtown -> Ellicott City -> Hampden -> Harbor East

* Technically, I was the only one who got tattooed. S.K. just sat courtside.  Photos courtesy S.K.

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