Menswear Trends for Fall 2013

Despite the fact that it’s October freaking 10th and it’s been at least 80 degrees for the past two weeks, it’s Fall. Fall is usually when you get to wear boots, sweaters, corduroys, and tweed. You know what I’ve been forced to wear lately? Shorts, sundresses, and sandals.  I really need it to be Fall already. Like now!

Rant aside, this is my Manly Man Men week and I am moving on to Menswear trends for Fall (if you hadn’t read the title). This fall some trends that dominated the runways were: boxy jackets, biker looks, monochromatic outfits, double-breasted jackets, and an update on the 3pc suit featuring vests or v-neck cardigans. Everything kinda had a stylish city commuter vibe.


2 thoughts on “Menswear Trends for Fall 2013

  1. Love the JCREW 4 picture, very preppy and cute! I too enjoy transferring menswear looks into my own style; I like that you show this in your blog.
    Laura @ Revival Vintage

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