Cuff Me

Lately, I’ve felt the desire to pretend I’m a badass, living in a post-apocalyptic world. Think Mad Max meets Anthropologie.  Maybe it’s the influence of my latest forearm tattoo. Or maybe it’s the leather open-toe shooties I recently purchased. But, whatever the reason, I am enjoying this in-real-life dress up game. And like all outfits, your jewelry can often make or break it. To accessorize my badass heroine chic look, I often wear the ear cuff I picked up from H&M a few months ago. 



I wore this ear cuff to a fashion show/flower show event at The Walter’s Art Gallery and it was a hit. I received a lot of compliments on it, and a few lingering stares. With my tribal print tunic, leather shooties, and vegan leather leggings I was proud of the Mad Max/Rocker babe look I had achieved. 

This trend is perfect for you if you’re also in the mood to funk up your look and step a little out of the box.



There’s so many ways to incorporate the Little White Dress (LWD) into your wardrobe. From business meeting, to after work drinks, to Sunday brunch, you’ll never run out of places to wear your LWD. In fact, you may want to grab a few in order to cover all your bases. Just saying.

We’re More Than What We Wear

As a lover of fashion, I never even considered downplaying my affection for getting dressed. It’s honestly my favorite part of the day. Although, it often starts the night before. I check the weather forecast the night before and think about my schedule for the upcoming day. Then, I consider my mood and who I want to be that day. It’s almost as if I’m playing a character. Sometimes I want to be a 1950′s Rockabilly girl. Other times I want to be a 1960′s socialite vacationing in Italy. I use my style to convey the many facets of my personality. It honestly never occurred to me that I should hide my enthusiasm for fashion. But, that’s exactly what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie felt she had to do in order to be taken seriously as a writer. 


In an Elle article, Chimamanda talks about how she finally let go of her fear of not being taken seriously and decided to wear the clothes that she wanted to wear. We, as women, are often so focused on being taken seriously that we try to fit into whatever prescribed mold is available to us. I think it’s about time we stop letting other people’s perception of how we should dress or act influence who we are. My work should be able to stand on its own. Meanwhile, I’ll be standing in my peep toe pumps and pencil skirt.

Read the entire Elle article here

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Things I’ve Learned In Thirty Years

This is it people. Today is my 30th birthday! I just can’t believe I am actually a 30 year old woman. Wow.


I’ve done a lot in my thirty years on this earth. I have graduated from two colleges. I have fallen in love. I have fallen out of love. I have gotten engaged and subsequently cancelled said engagement. I have moved away from home three times. I have made new friends and said goodbye to old friends. But, despite all the many things I have done and possibly regretted, I look forward to the next thirty years on this earth, if I am so blessed to have them.


People seem to like making lists of things that they’ve learned when they turn certain milestones (20, 30, 40, etc.). So, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give you thirty ten things that I have learned over the years. Most of this is common sense, but, you know.

1. Never be afraid to say what is on your mind. Be tactful, but always be honest.

2. Embrace your faults. They make you who you are. Fix what you can/want to fix and fuck the rest.

3. Eating healthy can be fun and tasty. It can also be bland and boring. I prefer the former.


It’s healthy because there’s fruit on it!

4. Wasting time in a dysfunctional/crappy/unfulfilling relationship is not worth it. Being alone is not the end all, be all.

4b./5. I’d rather wake up alone and content, then wake up in a relationship and unhappy or unsatisfied.

6. Being a single black woman does not make me a statistic. It makes me a single black woman who doesn’t have time for your bullshit theories on why I’m single.


7. I’m a feminist who is also a Christian. I may personally be pro-life, but I will always vote pro-choice to protect the right for you to make that choice.

8. Enjoy where you are in life. I love living alone. But I do look forward to learning to live with someone I love.

9. Don’t waste your time worrying about what others think of you. Seriously. Don’t.

10. Don’t be afraid to fail or fall flat on your face. Life is all about falling. But, it’s also all about getting back up.