Mad Men is Ending and My Sunday Nights will be a Sham of What They Used to be

As you all know, Mad Men is ending and the world will soon there after implode. Grab your finest ModCloth dress, most retro looking e-cigarette, and those too tight vintage Ferragamos and huddle and cry with me.

I’m not entirely upset that Mad Men is ending. I get it. Shows can’t go on forever and ever…or can they? But where will I go now for my weekly dose of snazzy sixties fashion and poor parenting examples? Where will I go for inspiration for my desire to encase everything in jello? What will I do? How will I live??

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And to top it off, the entire cast got all dolled up and just threw it back in  my face, one last time, that they are the hottest and that there will be a large, fashionably dressed sized hole in my tv line-up. And before you say it, Better Call Saul does not qualify.

Images via Vanity Fair

Wine not?

I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I can’t take any more Buzzfeed quizzes. I know I will never be a soap opera star who writes a best-selling autobiography and wins an academy award for portraying myself in the Oscar nominated film. It’s just not happening. I know it. You know it.  And Buzzfeed knows it, they’re just keen on lying to me, repeatedly.

During this contemplation phase of my life, I am considering my options. Grad school? Sure, but it’s expensive and not paying out what it used to. So what does that leave? Switching careers….the old fashioned midlife crisis. Except, I’m in my 30s, so it’s  more like 1/3 life crisis. Or something like that.

I majored in Business for my undergrad and I have always wanted to own my own business. So, maybe that’s what’s next for me? I mean, why not? What’s to lose except going majorly into debt and having to file bankruptcy?

I have an idea – a wine bar/shop for my neighborhood. There is nothing like it around, so I think it would be awesome…if you build it, they will come. I will need funds. A lot of funds. How will I get these funds? Kickstarter? Is that viable?

I think I am in a decent place to make this happen. I have the education. I have the know how (I’ve been a retail manager in many past lives). I’ve studied culinary arts, pastry arts, restaurant management, and nutrition. And, more importantly, I love wine!

With my work experience as a marketing and communications professional, plus my recent foray into graphic design, I’ve already created a website, menu, and promotional posts for music nights and wine tasting events. I can do this, right? I just need the money.

Anyone out there want to gift me $150,000? Please? I’ll really appreciate it!

After the show is the After-Party!

Obviously everyone saved their fun/risque/awesome dresses for the Oscar’s After-Party because the dresses worn to the actual event were fairly safe and boring. Aside from Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Lopez,  and Zoe Saldana everyone else seemed to tow the line and color inside the boxes.

Best After Party Dresses

Saturday Shennanigans

What happens when two witty, sarcastic ladies meet at their mutual place of employment and find out that they both enjoy walking fast, talking faster, and good beer? They become good friends and decide to spend a weekend in Baltimore, getting tattoos*, taking pictures, doing shit, and eating good food.

* Technically, I was the only one who got tattooed. Sarah K. just sat courtside. 


One can’t truly appreciate the wonder of Baltimore in only two days, but by golly, we jammed as much as possible into Sarah’s short visit.

Friday night we kept things chill. After dinner and drinks at my favorite –  Hamilton Tavern – we watched Gone Girl and called it a night.

Saturday morning we hit the town, and we hit it hard.

Hamilton -> Fells Point -> Downtown -> Ellicott City -> Hampden -> Harbor East

Photos courtesy Sarah K.

Bring It 2015

Another year has come and gone and we’re left pondering the important questions in life…

How am I thirty years old?

Just what is a dougie?

Is turnt up a good thing or a bad thing?

And, how does John Mayer keep getting women

Alas, I am afraid we may never know. This year has seen a lot of craziness and I for one am looking forward to moving on to the next chapter.  And despite having perfectly good plans to just relax with friends tonight as the ball drops, I still fall into the trap of the dreaded NYE conversation.

Unknowingly annoying person (UAP), “So, have any plans tonight?”

Me, “Just hanging out with friends.”

UAP, “Oh. My amazingly awesome boyfriend and I are going to this black tie dinner/cocktail party with these other super rich and incredibly cultured people that we don’t really know, but like to associate with so that our Instagram pictures can make everyone jealous and feel like life failures.”

Me, “Cool”

I feel you Lt. Dan. I feel you.