Hot Off The Presses

New issue of Fetch Magazine!!! It’s hot off the presses. And by presses I mean my macbook pro. And by hot I mean the temperature of my laptop. And by….oh, never-mind. I’ve just finished the summer issue of Fetch magazine and if I do say so myself, it’s a good one. This is my own personal labor of love, that I do for shits and giggles. Well, mostly shits and giggles, but also because I enjoy writing and creating stuff.

FETCH_summer 2014

Fetch Cover Summer 2014

Romping Around

Ever since the romper bounced it’s way back into style last summer, I’ve been scouting for one to add to my wardrobe. The challenge was finding one that was not only age appropriate, but also suited for my body and proportions. Too often I was left with sagging crotch, baggy behind and drooping bodice. I was beginning to loose hope. Until, I stumbled upon Trashy Diva‘s Pinterest page. There it was, in all of it’s seer-suckered glory; the Lena Romper

The fitted waist ensured that my narrow waist wouldn’t get lost in the fabric. The sweetheart bodice would properly showcase my chest and bring the eye up, allowing the full shorts to hide my more ample bottom. It was love at first pin.

I understand rompers aren’t for everyone and some people do feel they tend to make you look like you’re an overgrown tot lot escapee. But! It all depends on how you wear it and carry yourself. The Lena Romper is a grown ass woman’s romper. It’s fun, yet sexy. Charming, yet classy. Now, all I need is a BBQ to wear it to. Ahem, I’m waiting…

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On The Road

Summertime demands a road trip.  And this summer, I’m heeding the call! A good friend of mine and I are hitting the dusty road and trekking to Tennessee. Um, did someone say bourbon trail? And this Cole Haan shoe is the perfect companion. It’s an easy slip on that will take you from car to bar to sidewalk. Pair these shoes with an easy chambray romper and delicate jewelry for a fun and flirty look.
I am so excited to drive through the mountains and countryside of Tennessee. I have never been to Tennessee, and I am looking forward to just being in a new place for a few days. The cities of Nashville and Memphis are our destinations and I hope to consume my weight in bourbon and BBQ. It’s going to happen folks. Stay tuned.
On The Road with Cole Haan

Pin Me Up

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved pin ups. I don’t even remember the first time I saw a pin-up. I mean, when does a young child come across such images? Where did I first lay my virginal eyes on the seductive pin-up form? Who knows? Who cares? Well, child services might have cared, had they been made aware. But that’s neither here nor there.  All that matters now is that I find them captivating. I love the kitschy poses that they often wind up in. The cheeky glance over the shoulder. The clumsy “gee-golly” pose that takes place on a beach as a miniature terrier pulls down their bathing suit bottom. I’ll take it all. I have the Gil Elvgren collection book. In case you don’t know – and you should – Gil was the end all be all of pin up illustrators. His pin ups ranged from cutesy and adorable to steamy and sexy. Finally, last weekend, I got my chance to make my pin up fantasy a reality.  I first heard of Paws and Pin Ups last year through a friend who knew someone who posed in the 2014 calendar. When the call came out via Facebook for models and their rescue pets, I quickly submitted my information. The chance to pose as a pin up with one’s pet doesn’t come along often.

The day started at 8:30 am at the photographer and Paws and Pin Ups founder’s house. She helped me with my make up and styled my hair. She also provided the adorable crop top and high waist shorts outfit, circa 1960′s Italy!!! I loved every bit of it and now, I’m hungry for more.


From hot rollers to pin curls. Love this vintage jewelry.


Look at these eyelashes!!!! She also made my eyebrows look amazing.


This top and bottom fit great for something that was made twenty years I was born. I think that’s something called DESTINY!



Finished product. Look at Milo! So cute.


Met Gala Or Bust

This year’s Met Gala was once again the best example of what not to wear to your friend’s wedding. The theme of “white tie and decorations” (seriously, who thinks up this shit?) was across the board, relatively easy to follow. The men really seemed to jump on the band wagon with the “white tie” aspect of the theme. And of course the women- oh the women- were decorated to the nines. It was a grand spectacle of extravagance and overflowing discretionary bank accounts.

Conscience Coupling 

couples 5

couples 6 couples1 couples2 couples3 couples4

Designer Dates


designerdates2 designerdates1

Middle of the Road

Middle of the Road

I love a good midi length dress. I do not love the midi length beaded fishnet Kristen Stewart is wearing.

Ancient History

Greek Tragedy

I just want to throw these ladies a shield, sword, and goblet of liquid gold. Maybe they will join forces and become a super group.

Crop Tops and Cut Outs

Crop topscut out

I am determined to find the appropriate crop top/skirt combination for myself to wear in my ordinary life. It will happen….one day.

Laugh-y Taffeta


This is where all of your bridesmaid and prom dresses aspire to be, yet none ever measure up.

Black White and Hot All Over


These two had major red carpet mojo working. SJP looks like a princess. A smiling, gloved princess. Anna K just look sexy as hell.


Between Charlize and Cara, black and white has never looked so good.

Lil Bo Peep Stunt Doubles

Bo Peep

I love Chloe’s look. I really do. Lil Bo Peep just popped in my head for some reason. Naomi looks okay, by Lily and Anna confuse me. I think I am missing the point.

Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Elizabeth Olsen looks fantastic and those shoes need to immediately be made into a cheaper/more affordable version that I can purchase at my local TJ Maxx. Lena, no.

The Strangers (ie, I didn’t read the invitation)

Strangers2 The Strangers

Valley of the Deep Vs


Deep Vs and high slits should not be on the same dress. It’s just too much.

Plunging 2

Olivia looks fantastic and I am strangely loving Maggie’s look. Something about the combination of her hair color and complexion with the dress pattern works for me.



Liquid Slink



The Bigger The Better


Oh look, it’s Cinderella!

thebiggerthebetter2 thebiggerthebetter1

Applique Queens


Asymmetrical Dreams
Asymetrical Dreams
Best Dressed of the night (aka Hollywood’s Ken and Barbie)

Best Dressed Couple

Blake Lively looks like a modern day Veronica Lake. I love every last bit of this look on her. And Ryan Reynolds is definitely working the double Ds-that’s short for “Dashing Debonair”.

Call of the Wild

This elegant, yet simple shirt dress can be dressed down for work and then spiced up for a night out on the town. Swap your wedges for strappy heels, shoulder bag for patterned clutch, and switch out your everyday jewelry for a more adventurous, statement necklace and earrings, and you’re ready to get wild!
Call of the Wild