Leather and Lace

It’s 45 degrees outside and your best friend just asked you to accompany her to a new bar/lounge. Before you beg off about being too tired, too cold, or too into your latest Netflix obsession, think about how awesome it’d be to peel off your goose down parka and reveal this sexy outfit.
Leather and Lace

Technicolor Dream Coat

Corporate America may not be ready for your day-glo leggings to make a resurgence, but a bright coat? That’s more than acceptable. Treat your everyday winter blues with bright accessories and colorful coats. There is no shortage of brightly hued coats to layer on top of your everyday work essentials.
Don’t let the fear of matching your coat to your outfit keep you from branching out of your grey/brown/black rut. Treat your coat as an entirely separate piece of clothing. After all, you’ll be peeling this layer off as soon as you hit the water cooler.
Technicolor Dream Coat

Holiday Date Night

Your boyfriend has surprised you with tickets to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet and for the time being, you’re going to ignore the small miracle fact that he is willingly taking you to see a ballet and focus on wearing something festive and fancy. After the ballet is over, you’re going to head over to the nearest bar and order him a nice whiskey. Neat. Trust me, he’ll thank you.

Holiday Date Night

Chambray is not just for summer

I’m all about the transition period between the seasons. That easy, mellow shift from summer to fall is one of my favorites. Just add another layer to adjust to the changing temperatures. This spring and summer, chambray hit it big time. On the cover of every magazine and in every main character’s wardrobe on the all the hottest shows. I present to you a relatively easy and no-muss-no-fuss approach to getting this trend right.

How to layer with a dress:

How to wear with a skirt:
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How to layer with jeans:

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How to wear it like a super cool badass:

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I prefer to layer my chambray with black for some reason. Although this fall I do plan to try it out with some deep red skinny jeans.