Purposeful Delusions

Why not daydream all day?

Why not wish for everything and settle for nothing?

All musings, poems, short stories, and photos by me unless otherwise indicated. 


I wish I could watch it grow. Watch this seed transform- Swelling me, Pushing my insides and preparing for the time When we meet. Altering my appearance and Changing my chemistry. I wish I could change my mind; Take it all back. Switch the ending and make it begin again. Break the spell hanging over my head; Emptiness running out between my legs.

Love sits on a hilltop.
Love rolls down in waves.
Love overwhelms and inflates.
Love takes hold.
Let’s burn it all down.
You’re beautiful when you cry
He said
Your face is framed by two large
Almond eyes
Big tears
Fat droplets
Glide down your cheeks
I wish to soothe you
You’re too pretty when
You’re sad
Like a painting
Like a story
Like a dream I almost
Cant’ remember
When I wake

Sunrise with you
Sunset with you