Time to Upgrade: The Living Room

With fall slowly beginning to trickle in, I can only start to dream about what is in store for the new season. After nearly four years in my one-bedroom apartment, I am hoping to soon be able to move into a larger rental with my boyfriend. We just have to find one first…

But that little obstacle won’t slow me down. I have already created multiple Pinterest boards to help me figure out what design aesthetic I want to create for the new place. My current abode is more of a vintage charmer. The new place will need to be a bit more modern for my partner’s sake. Plus, I need to give my settee a break, so I can’t wait to get a full sized couch.

My current living room.

In the new place, I would like to combine my love of mid-century modern furniture with my love of southwestern prints and patterns.

Frontier Mid-Century