Welcome to Shangri-La

Festival Season

After everyone has finished pranking you for April Fools Day with insect ice and staplers that don’t really staple ( haha George in Accounting), it’s time to start planning your long weekends that will be filled with music festivals. I think I may have skipped over that brief period of time in my life when I would have actually enjoyed going to  Coachella or Bonnaroo. Now, I can’t be bothered. It’s too damn expensive and it’s too many fucking people.

I am, however, attending the Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival here in Baltimore, so I still get to wear some “festival fashions” this spring. A quick Google search will inform  you that festival fashions are basically what people people wore in the 60s and 70s, on a daily basis. Except now, you have to pay $95 plus shipping from a shop on Etsy.

While all festival fashion looks usually involve some sort of floppy hat and floral printed item, there are still plenty of variations for you independent women out there.

Image via Elle
Image via Tmagazine
image via Pop Sugar
Image via Mtv Hive

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