Red Wine Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is one of my favorite cakes. It’s quite possibly my favorite cake, but I have a hard time picking favorites. Thank God I’m not having kids! That would be an awkward conversation. Anyway, I am always trying new recipes and looking for alternatives to adding the red coloring. I don’t mind using red food coloring, but if I can avoid it, I would like to. Which is why I am super excited to try Smitten Kitchen’s Red Wine Chocolate Cake.


I ordered this cookbook a few months ago from Amazon. Every now and then I go on cookbook binges and seek out as many new and different ones I can find. As one would know, cookbooks be expensive. But this one is worth the list price. Dishes for every occasion and non-occasion can be found between the covers. So it seems fitting that I use this recipe to help me celebrate turning 30 this year.


Most people may dread turning 30. I honestly do not care about it that much. I am always happy to turn the page and start a new chapter. I get restless and I’m always anticipating what’s going to happen in the next phase of my life. Turning 30 will just be the next part of me moving towards who I’m supposed to be in this life. I have a lovely apartment now, and I am starting grad school in the fall. I feel as though I am finally starting to settle into my bones.


Now, back to this delicious cake. I love the fact that I get to not only eat one of my favorite cakes, but also add one of my favorite red wines to it as well! I used Layer Cake’s Shiraz. I love Layer Cake wine and I could also see using the Malbec in this recipe as well. This dreamy cake is paired with a simple mascarpone cheese topping.

DSCN1188 DSCN1198 DSCN1200

For my 30th, I decided to act fancy and bourgeois. I am serving this cake along with a lovely chilled champagne. Turning milestones should be done in style and with flair. I am thrilled to get another year to do better, learn more, and embrace everything that comes my way.



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