Make Your Statement

Statement necklaces have hit it big this year. Everyone from J.Crew to Target is getting in on the action. Big baubles and gold chains (GOLD CHAINS FOR DAYSSSS). Sparkly crystals in intricate patterns. Floral motifs and gemstones galore. Piling on a statement necklace can easily take your outfit from okay to on point.


It can be intimidating to incorporate these necklaces into everyday wearing. Let’s face it, these necklaces have a whole lot of sass going on and sometimes you’re just not that sure you can pull it off. The best way to eradicate these fears is to find a necklace that you absolutely love, with some of your favorite colors in it. That way you’re sure to already have something in your closet you can wear with it.


And don’t hesitate to purchase a simpler necklace with just clear stones in it. It will look great with nearly everything and you don’t have to worry about it overwhelming your outfit.


Jem Collage, J.Crew $165
Jeweled Triangle, J.Crew $135
Frosted Chronology Bib, Anthropologie $188
Camellia Bib, Anthropologie $68
Short Purple Stone, LOFT $45
Short Pink Stone Medallion, LOFT $39

2 thoughts on “Make Your Statement

  1. Love a statement necklace. I was a bit intimidated at first, thinking that it wouldn’t look right, but nowadays I find myself wondering “is it statement enough? It doesn’t look heavy enough.” I like your necklace in the top picture. I find Accessorize is a good place to find them.

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