Fall for Beer!

Ah, Fall brings out the best seasonal beers. From pumpkin ales to Octoberfest beers, Fall is by far- in my humble opinion- the most treasured beer season! And to go along with these hearty beers, one must have equally hearty and fulfilling meals.

Now, if you’re looking for light, or low calorie options, I don’t have any. When it comes to beer, I go balls to wall, all out. Sometimes, you just have to drink the damn beer and exercise later.

Paulaner Marzen paired with Grilled Pizza 


I love a good, cold, Paulaner Marzen. It is one of my favorite beers of all time and it only makes sense to drink it with one of my favorite foods of all time- pizza.

Sam Adams Oktoberfest paired with a Bison Burger 


Hmm, I’m getting hungry and thirsty just looking at these pictures. I haven’t even tasted a Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer yet this season (its been too warm) but now that it’s cooler, I am ready to dive in. And what better to eat with it, than a juicy bison burger?

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale paired with Turkey Chili


A good turkey chili recipe should be in everyone’s reserve. The savory chili will nicely compliment the slightly sweet pumpkin ale. It’s going to be a good Fall. Yes indeed!


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