Dior Creates Lustworthy Ad Campaigns

Have you ever smelled Miss Dior Cherie ? It’s simply divine. One of my all time favorite scents. I haven’t purchased it in a few years, what with all the Lola, Oh Lola, and Coach Poppy I’ve been consuming. But I think it’s time to bring sexy back with a sultry scent that bound to get me noticed and turn a few a heads….Or at least make me smell good. 

Now, earlier this week, Dior released the MUCH anticipated Robert Pattinson video for Dior Homme…yea, that was all kinds of sexy. Tell me, who can watch this video and not instantly want to be the girl caressing all up on Robert while he languishes in front of the film reel? Who? Please tell me, cause I want to make sure I don’t catch whatever you have. 


Not to be outdone, Jennifer Lawrence’s fall ad campaign was released this week as well. I am so very happy she doesn’t look as plastic and
mannequin-esque as she did in the previous one. She’s still in her early twenties and she should look that way. This ad campaign showcases her natural beauty. Good going Dior Ad Guys! High fives all around the room!




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