One is not the Loneliest Number

You know what I haven’t missed out on since ending my 5 year relationship/engagement? Awesome opportunities. There was a time when I was truly worried that as soon as I ended my relationship, I would be tossed aside by everyone I knew. The majority of my friends were his friends. I was scared that as soon as I decided to finally say to hell with it all, I would truly be alone. Luckily (happily) my friends showed me that over the past five years I wasn’t just in a relationship with him, I was building lasting friendships with them too. I realized that I had spent way too much time worrying about whether or not my friends would be there for me when I should have just trusted that they wouldn’t let me fall. It’s been over two years since I ended my engagement and I couldn’t be happier. Sike, I could totally be happier if I were to win the Mega Millions, but that’s beside the point.  The point it that I am at a place in my life when I feel I can truly be myself. I can say whatever I want –when my mom is not around. I can do whatever I want- within the confines of the law. I can go wherever I want- granted I have enough gas money and the proper travel documents. Life is good! I had a recent conversation with a fellow single friend and we both talked about how often people ask us if we’re tired of being the third, fifth or seventh (?) wheel. I don’t know whose friends are going around making them feel awkward and out of place, but our friends rule. I’m the easy plus one that can always be added. I’m the buffer for awkward situations. I’m the seat filler extraordinaire. I have been able to go and do more things single, than I ever would have been able to do while in my former relationship. Last minute invites are never shirked off by this girl. I have no qualms being your last call. I made up my mind when things ended that I would devote this single-lady-time that I have to experiencing everything that I want to experience as it comes my way. I’ll never be this age and single again and I refuse to hide in my room and read crappy erotica novels.

E.L. James does not interest me. Laters, baby!

I’ve got big plans…as soon as I finish this last episode of Orange is the New Black. And then House of Cards.


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