Running Sucks

I started off 2013 with a bang. Exercise wise anyway. My New Year’s Eve was nothing to brag about…or blog about. Don’t believe me? Here’s me hanging out a friend’s house. We’re watching LOTR.
IMG_2232Anyway, as I was saying, I went from 0 to 10 in the physical activity department. All of a sudden the words “bootcamp”, “workout”, “sweat”, and “muscle definition” were flowing out of my mouth like Niagara Falls. People would ask me if I wanted to hang out and I’d be all, “Can’t do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. I gotta go to bootcamp.”  Whaaaaa? Is that Makea, turning down happy hour invitations and dinner reservations? Strange but true my friend, strange but true.

IMG_2712Look at us! Being all fit and cocky.

However, the oddest thing about the entire situation was that I liked it! I started buying cute workout gear. I ordered fancy (read: expensive) running shoes. My vocabulary became speckled with terms like “moisture wicking” and “quik dri”. What in the world is “quik dri”? Those aren’t even real words! And yet they add about $30 to the price of a pair of black yoga pants.   It was insane the amount of sweat that poured from my body during the first 4 months of the year. I glistened on the reg people.


I even tried Crossfit! And loved it. No lie, I truly enjoyed myself. The high you get from working out is no joke. I felt invincible. I began seeing muscles I hadn’t seen since I went through that awkward phase when I was around 6 years old. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has a picture of themselves at about 5 or 6 years old where they’re in a bathing suit (usually) and every ab muscle is defined and your thighs and calves look like you’re been power squating for hours every day. I loved it. Then shit got real and I realized that I was nearly 30 and probably shouldn’t have went so hardcore. Who did I think I was….Jillian Michaels? My knee began bothering me. Then my hip was all jacked up from my knee being sore. All of a sudden I went from dusting them in sprints to being hop-along-hobble-on.  It was depressing and embarrassing. But I had to press on. I had a few more sessions of bootcamp left AND I had a 5k coming up. The Color Run.


Have you ever done it? It was fun. But after all the dyed cornstarch had been thrown and accidently inhaled by a couple thousand people, my knee was done. I had to cut back on the runs during bootcamp. Then I had to do modified squats and lunges. Talk about demoralizing. Me….do modified? But I’m a warrior dammit! My knee and hip laugh mercilessly: No. No you’re not.

I still workout and participate in bootcamp, but not as often as I would like to. However, it’s been bake-a-cookie-on-the-sidewalk hot lately and I don’t miss working up a sweat outside. My elliptical in the cool basement has filled the void quite well. I even bought some resistance bands to incorporate into my home workouts along with my 10 and 12 pound dumbbells. I try to attend some early Saturday morning bootcamps before the heat gets too oppressive. We usually warm up with a run. I think, I got this. I do 60minutes on my elliptical 3 times a week. I’m a modified warrior! The track laughs at me….No. No you’re not.



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