Here’s what you’re making for dinner tonight

When the warm weather comes around, I struggle to find something to eat that isn’t too time consuming or heat intensive. There was one summer where I pretty much lived off of chicken salad made from rotisserie chicken. I didn’t have to cook the chicken and the chicken salad could be eaten cold. It was perfect. I have yet to find that level of perfection again in any other facet of my life, despite many desperate attempts.  How often can you say that something you have craved not only fits perfectly into your life, but also is also seasonally appropriate and tastes good? Presenting, Shrimp Scampi! This dish is not only delicious, but it isn’t a heavy meal that sits in your stomach like a lead brick. You can eat a meal like shrimp scampi and look out your window and pretend you’re on the Mediterranean and some gorgeous Italian waiter is just about to bring you your refill of pinot grigio. Feel that breeze. Smell the ocean. Hear the birds and waves crashing. Now snap out of it and go make this meal!


Sauteing your shrimp in both olive oil and butter seems so wrong, and yet so good.


Yes I Instagramed my food. I do it all the time.

sauvignon pinotgrigio

These are two of my favorite white wines. I am not normally a chardonnay fan, but I will admit to enjoying one or two of Francis Ford Coppola’s chardonnays.


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